A man in his 50s bought a $600,000 Volvo from me. At the end of March, he and his wife came to pick up the car, and after finishing the formalities, I dropped them off at the door with his son sitting in the car. His son said he fell in love with me at first sight and soon started courting me in a Volvo.

I was two years older than Volvo and about to get married, so I introduced a colleague to him in the hope that they would thrive. But Volvo asked me directly: Did you talk about friends? I said: I am your sister, of course to talk about friends. He said: As long as you are not married, I have a chance.

He picked me up every day with a 600,000-yuan Volvo, went to the exhibition hall to play, and sent things to colleagues to eat, and he also became friends with our manager, the manager even told me that as long as “Volvo” came to me in the future, I could leave work at any time. In fact, the manager is also a very snobby person, he knows that “Volvo” friends must also be able to afford Volvo.

Honestly, I’ve been selling cars for five years and I’ve never met a man with such a good value. According to my observation, most of the rich families will give birth to girls, and occasionally have a boy, the boy is also very short, like “Volvo” so rich, and tall and handsome is really not many.

Of course, I also rejected him at first, thinking that he was a male brother, but just looking for girls to play. I said to him very righteously: I am going to get married, I can’t afford to play with you. He said he meant it.

Later, fiance Wang Bin also knew the existence of “Volvo”, two people began to pursue me mutually. During that time, the two of them were like a race to see who would pick me up early, often one front foot and the other back foot. Occasionally, they send someone to pick me up.

They will also send me lunch every day, a pizza on the left, a soup rice on the right. It feels like we have a stream of people coming to me every day in our showroom.

And Volvo seemed to have endless energy, chatting with me until four in the morning and picking me up at work the next morning.

The last two times he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said no. I said I was getting married, and I even had an invitation. And my dad drives a $200,000 car, your dad drives a $600,000 car, and if I follow you, people will say I’m after the money. It’s like our family is selling our daughter.

But by the third time, it was really painful. Because with him, my vanity has been greatly expanded and satisfied, and he is really a rich husband.

Of course, I’m not a girl from a small family who hasn’t seen money. There have always been people pursuing me, the conditions are very good, but I do not like, only this child is very let me heart.

The day Wang Bin and I took our wedding photos, he kept calling me, and I didn’t see dozens of missed calls until I finished. Volvo said to take me shopping for a wedding ring right away. I really don’t have the strength to refuse him anymore. My fiance and I broke off our engagement.

After I became involved with Volvo, he took me home. His stepmother is only a few years older than us, and his half-sister, though only 9 years old, is like a person, asking me what size house I live in, what car I drive, what college I go to…

Then his parents started inviting me to dinner at their house, which was a large family, and the Volvo family was obviously the richest, so there would often be ten or twenty relatives at their house for dinner. One time when I went, the whole family was there, and I found that they were literally gods, and immediately began to judge me. Volvo’s uncle looked me up and down and then asked: Did you chase him, or did he chase you?

“Volvo” immediately said: I chased her, and also took a lot of effort. His uncle said to “Volvo” : you chase her is not normal, she chased you more or less. Afterwards, “Volvo” told me that everyone in his family thought I looked like his aunt (his uncle’s wife), because his aunt was only married after his uncle’s money.

I’ve never been called that before, but what can I do? I don’t have as much money as his family.

At dinner, “Volvo” gave me dishes, his mother immediately said: married daughter-in-law forgot mother. He hasn’t helped me since.

Another time they had crabs, and by the time I got to his house, ten or twenty of them had finished the first round. I saw his mother down there and rolled up my sleeves to help, but his father stopped me and said, “You don’t care, sit down and eat.” And he thrust a crab at me. When I saw that his brother’s girlfriend Xin Xin was helping in the kitchen, I didn’t go there.

After a while, his mother came out, saw me eating crabs, and did not say anything. When playing cards, his mother said: or Xin Xin thief ah, know how to help me below.

I couldn’t eat any more and started picking up tables. As we all know, the table that has eaten crabs is so dirty that I still have to pick it up. They have a nanny, but I still have to show them. Then his father said, “You leave it, you leave it.”

His mother was at the card table and said without looking back: If you get off work late, you don’t have to come. That’s how his mother keeps talking.

I think his mother didn’t like it for a reason. His mother once told me not to have children after I got married, and she wanted another son. You see, she gave birth to a daughter, and “Volvo” and her have no blood relationship, if I have a son with “Volvo”, she will not have a share of the property.

Because of the tension between his mother and me, it was making things worse for both of us. He thinks my personality is too strong, as long as there is a quarrel, immediately open the door and leave; And I think he has no humility, like a child. We both want to win. We both want to win.

And I found out he wasn’t as good as I thought he was. Since he got me, he never got up early again, slept almost until noon every day, and then compressed the day’s things to one or two in the afternoon to do, and then went to sleep at night. I really don’t know anyone who likes to sleep as much as he does.

He is not a motivated person, do everything in his father’s halo, when others introduce him always say: this is a certain total son.

The relationship between the two of us slowly appeared cracks, and the most sad is in the marriage issue, I have 25 years old, I can not afford to delay, want to get married, let him give me a deadline. And he said that marriage is a natural, natural thing, how can there be a deadline? We argued about it until we had nothing to say.

Once I was on a business trip, he went to see me off, and I said we should separate for a while and cool off. I had hoped he would say no, but he agreed at once.

After returning from the business trip, I said to “Volvo” that it is better to separate, I do not want to get a marriage without the blessing of my family, I do not want to live without passion, I do not like to live in his home like a little daughter-in-law…

I can talk, I can make people happy, but that’s only for work. I don’t want to deliberately please his mother, I don’t like Xin Xin, see his mother wearing a diamond watch, immediately say beautiful ah.

And Volvo would never put in a good word for me. Once when his mother got drunk, Shin Shin said he heard that a Korean honey can cure alcohol. Xin Xin is like this, can only talk, can not do. The next day I went to buy a bottle of hangover honey and asked Volvo to deliver it to his mother. And Volvo never mentioned me in front of his mother.

I broke up with Volvo.

Later, he fell in love again, but broke up again in fatigue.

And a rich and handsome rich family talked about a love, although unsuccessful, but always feel invisible in their own standards to talk about high, it is difficult to have into the eyes of the candidate. It is a pity that the rich family is too lazy not to make progress, do not understand considerate, also easily affected by people, in addition to money, there is not much to let people move the characteristics, so the so-called elevated standard or refers to money. What girl doesn’t want to find a rich, handsome, successful, understanding and single-minded Prince charming? Unfortunately, such a perfect man simply does not exist


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