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Come to this strange place, just because he is here.

I used to think that my company would bring Jin Zi can be as happy as the sunrise. The distance of 600 miles is not far nor close, but now I find that when I have passed the distance of 600 miles, we have not been closer, and the heart seems to be more distant.

I will not drink wine, a guy who has drunk red wine will fall to the ground, hurt the heart of the drunk, deeper and more blurred, I will not let him know or see my sad and sad. Love is not to be demanded or demanded. Tomorrow, I will leave.

“You’re drunk.” He held, gently kiss down, kiss until soft and blurred, each other crazy conquest, deep desire, let this tacit feeling into the heart of the softest place, love regardless of obtaining, love to blame: “grape, I love you.” ‘he said suddenly. I have been laughing, drunk eyes hazy smile, he rarely said love, I think, maybe he is drunk. What conquers a man’s heart may really have nothing to do with the body.

In the wee hours of the morning, in his sleep, I left.

The city, in the early hours of the morning into chaos into the wet, overnight rain caused the city’s traffic into a half standstill. A long time to hit the taxi, I was happy to be carried around the world by the elder sister turned away, I want to cry. I feel like I’m being bullied by a dog. I don’t have a target. I can’t find a road sign. I began to fear the unknown around me and was too weak to take a step.

The car was flooded, paid the fare, walked in the rain, repeated warnings, repeated reviews. I think I have a good memory and keep track of every moment of my life. So I think I can’t forget all this until the day I can forget it.

Surrounded by water, cars, people, in the noise of the crowd feel more lonely and at a loss, there is a feeling of being thrown away, speeding past the car unbridled, shallow wet me, a muddy water, a face of tears, sitting on the roadside, hard cry, I will not call him. From the moment I walked out of the house, I decided to give up, I would rather lose myself, I will not look for him. I felt that since he could trust me to go alone, there was no need to call him again. Have not had, began to get used to without you. If, of course, I never had you in my world, where would my heart be now?

Finally, back home. It is very dark, to meet the station, is that I think dumb boyfriend, and I play chess, allow me to repent and lazy chess nerd. Seeing me with dirt, his eyes were red with heartache, and he held my hand in his heart until the cold hand was filed to fever. Tears poured down his face. Have ignored the existence of this person countless times, like the mud on the bottom of the foot, when it will not be a little heartache, in front of him countless times of publicity willful and dominery, but it is this person in my missing days, crazy like looking for, in the cold wind platform tightly hug me: “Don’t run away, please.” I cried even harder because I saw him cry.

I got home, turned on the machine, threw myself in the bathtub, and immersed myself in the water until I couldn’t breathe. The phone rang. It was gold. Looking at the number that has been chrome into the memory, has been looking at it in the call, call, tears began to spread bit by bit. ! “I’m worried about you. I know you’re angry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. He came to the message. “You’re not wrong, it’s my fault, I’m wrong.” Then switch off and go to sleep. Only, I was in tears, but did not cry. Because I just have a cold, so the tears. I didn’t cry, I just shed tears. That’s all. Love has flown far away, with the seasons have changed, say goodbye to the face that once loved.

Love is actually a matter of two people, I understand. Love in the heart, not in the bed. Now is far from love, close to the ambiguous society. There is still a way for men and women to go between love and love, and even go for a long time, that is ambiguous. But you are not my signpost, nor will you be my target. You’d be just fine without me, and I think I’d be just fine without me.


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