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Usually men feel that it is difficult to get a confidant on the blue sky: “Friends all over the world, friends can be a few people.”

First of all, the man’s confidant is very demanding! Must be intelligent, open-minded, mysterious and honest, understanding, can connect with him, respect him, and can fully tap his inner potential, mold him into a good man.

Unfortunately, most women are just not smart enough to be a confidant, and the trap of men’s desires just makes her not a confidant, which is why many women originally wanted to play a confidant and then become mistresses or strangers.

Once a friend did a survey of 10 very good men, and her question was, “If you can only choose one of the three kinds of women: wife, lover, confidant, which one do you want most?” The answer: one chose his wife, two chose his lover, and seven chose his confidant.

These men say this: What is a wife? The woman you’d trust with your savings. What is a lover? The one you’re sneaking around with and afraid your wife will walk in on you. What is a confidant? A woman you can tell some secrets to that you can’t tell your wife.

A wife is a constraint, and you can’t associate with other women casually; A lover is a compensation for the passion you want from your wife but can’t get; Confidant is a kind of dial, dial the maze in your heart.

The wife owns the man, the lover shares the man, and the confidant shapes the man.

Your wife lives with you; Lover accompany you spend money; A bosom friend to chat with you. A wife can not replace a lover, because no lover has emotional appeal; The lover can not replace the wife, because she has no wife’s affection; Wife and lover can not replace the bosom friend, because it is the need of the soul.

Confidant fully taps the potential of men, and helps men to complete their confidant mission by improving men. Therefore, confidante is another soul of a man, she is sometimes close at hand, sometimes in the water, but you can feel her existence in life; She may not agree with your outlook on life and values, but she absolutely respects you, and believes in and knows you.

The wife of a woman with no blood relation to you, but you don’t come home late at night is worried; A lover is a woman who has no family relationship with you, but lets you taste the taste of being a man and enjoy the soul; Confidant is a woman who has not been involved in the relationship, but can share your happiness and sorrow.

Wife is a home, is a can give you impetuous heart to bring comfort harbor; Lover is a burden to the home, but you don’t want to get rid of it unless you have to; Confidante is the ornament of home, without her you will not feel lonely, but you will feel that life is not interesting.

Wife’s care like a cup of boiled water, sometimes become a nagging, only when sick to become a warm; Lover’s concern is like plain water added a spoonful of sugar, slowly product on a night is not satisfied; The care of confidants is like working until late at night to drink a cup of coffee, the more you drink the more refreshing.

When your wife is pregnant with your child, she will affectionately ask if you want a boy or a girl. Your lover, pregnant with your child, will come to you crying and ask you “What to do?” What can I do?” For a confidant, you will tell her the news that your lover is pregnant and ask her what you should do. As for the wife, you will tell her after she discovers your lover’s pregnant secret: “Actually, I have been wanting to tell you for a long time.” And then try to explain it and be pathetic.

You don’t want your wife to go home for a week without coming back. If you don’t see your lover for three days, you’ll call her. There is distress in the heart, want to find a confidant to talk, tell her that you are tired between the wife and the lover, it is unbearable.

What makes a man unbearable is his wife’s nagging; Lover’s tears; The misunderstanding of confidant. A wife’s nagging confounds a man’s heart; Lover’s tears make a man’s hard heart become soft; The misunderstanding of the bosom friend pushes the man’s heart from the cliff to the deep valley.

The best wife is that a man can find two interwoven feelings of lover and confidant from her, but this feeling is difficult for a man to find; The best lover is when you and her relationship is discovered by the wife and take the initiative to withdraw without any conditions, but the lover is difficult to do this; The best confidant is hoping that one day she will become his lover or even his wife, but this idea is difficult to realize.

If possible, men would like to turn their bosom friend into a lover; And if it’s possible, make her a wife. Just become a wife’s confidant is no longer a confidant, because few men regard their wives as confidants, men have a lot of secrets in their hearts can not be casually said to their wives. Otherwise, is it still called a man?

Take a wife for fear that others will gossip; To find a lover is to add MSG to the monotonous life; To make a confidant is to pour some chicken soup to the empty soul.

If the wife is the sun, the lover is the moon, then the bosom friend is the stars. When the sun and moon are tired, the stars are not, it sparkly shuo, willing to be lonely but bright and long. No matter how high you are in front of others, you can not look up, in the eyes of the confidant there is only dignity and no majesty, she can pass through layers of masks, such as entering the place of no one into your heart, with a language that you and she understand and you have soul dialogue and communication.

What a man is looking for all his life is not a wife or multiple lovers, but one or more confidants.

But I think Lin Daiyu is right: gold is easy to get, a lifelong friend is the most difficult to find. A confidant is even more difficult.

Then the running moon said to me —

If you have found a confidant, you should cherish it! She must be warmer than the wife, clearer than the lover, she knows you love www.88mylove.com you don’t give you trouble. Sometimes she is like your brother, will accompany you laugh accompany you cry accompany you drunk! But there is one thing you have to remember, you must not play her ideas, once you turn her into a wife or lover, you will lose this confidant forever!

Some losses are predetermined; Some fate will never have a result. Love a person is not necessarily to have, but have a person must cherish.


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