Legend has it that amethyst is best known for treating epilepsy or stopping drunks. The story of amethyst hangover comes from Bacchus, the ancient Greek god of wine. It is said that Diana, the moon and goddess of chastity, once offended Bacchus, the god of wine, and declared his personal revenge by having the first woman he met eaten by a tiger. At this time, a beautiful young girl Amethyst passed by his path, and Dionysus called a vicious tiger to run at Amethyst. In distress, she called for help from the goddess of chastity Diana, who rescued her and turned her into a pure and clean stone for her protection. Bacchus, the god of wine, seeing all this, suddenly came to his senses and, in apology, poured wine over the amethylized body. Because of the legend’s association with Bacchus, the god of wine, people have long insisted that drinking with amethyst cups, even if they drink too much, can keep drinkers from getting drunk and losing their minds.

According to legend, once you have shed all your tears, the person you miss will come back to you, but I didn’t.

This section of my amethyst love www.88mylove.com love www.88mylove.com, did not last as long as we once thought.

It was a particularly cold winter, the longest I can remember.

In the boredom of day after day, I found myself a real loser. I couldn’t even find a suitable job for myself. I was frustrated to the extreme.

One day, Xiao Wu suddenly called, she said she heard I lost my job, but also said she also from the original unit out, now there is nothing to do, a new computer installed at home, asked me if I want to come to learn together, I agreed. So we met again, and she had not changed, the same beauty, but much more mature. We learn computers together and talk. Although the winter of that year was cold, my heart felt unusually warm, I think it was because Xiao Wu was around. We had a sweet and contented winter that year.

Valentine’s Day is coming, and the former friend has already made a date with his girlfriend. I saw Xiao Wu a little lost, asked her to go out to play that day. I walked around the street trying to buy a present for Wu. Finally one day I found a purple crystal stone in the stone, although the style is simple, but crystal clear, and purple has always been me and Xiao Wu like the color, but the stone is really expensive.

Because of the extravagance at work, I have no savings, but I can not bear to see Xiao Wu disappointed eyes. After much thought, I finally decided to sell a set of Tintin Adventures that I had spent a lot of effort to collect. When I held the small amethyst in my hand, I seemed to see Xiao Wu’s sweet smile.
It snowed on Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t dampen the excitement of Valentine’s Day on the streets, where roses and chocolates became the best-selling items. Xiao Wu and I also pretended to mingle among them, visiting bookstores, eating McDonald’s. It was the first Valentine’s Day in my life with a girl. It was a Valentine’s Day I will never forget.

When I was waiting for the bus home in the middle street, fireworks were set off somewhere in the distance, and the gorgeous night sky decorated Valentine’s Day with romance and magnificence. Xiao Wu kept calling, pointing to the colorful fireworks excited. I remembered my gift to her and took out the box I had prepared and handed it to her. She opened it carefully, took it out and looked at it, suddenly smiled slyly and said: You know what? Amethyst is not a gift to a girl. I asked why. Her face turned red and she said: Because amethyst symbolizes passionate love www.88mylove.com, you know? My heart moved, said: Xiao Wu, be my girlfriend.

Love came all of a sudden. Because of her intelligence and understanding, she quickly won praise among my family and friends. Our family even planned to let us get married when the time was ripe.

Although we were happier together, I always felt that there was a barrier between us that I could not break through. What that barrier was, I could never figure out. I know there must be some unknown storm behind this piece of singing and dancing, because this seems to be the law of my life, and my intuition has always been very clever.

Gradually, we started to argue about small things, and I think she was disappointed in me. We slowly estranged, on the one hand, she was busy with her work, on the other hand, I was cold hearted, and unwilling, and wanted to find a bit of individual work to find her, so we fell into the cold War. I don’t know why my happiness is always so short.

As summer approached, I had no clue about my work. Finally one day a small article of mine www.88mylove.com was published in the newspaper. I was very happy. After all, it was my first work. I went to find Wu. We walked the streets together for a long time and talked a lot. On the way home, I found that Xiao Wu was not wearing the crystal stone, and she had always worn it close to her body. She hesitated and said, “Now you are the only friend I have… In an instant, I understood everything. I knew that we could not carry on the love to the end, and she had given up on me completely. I didn’t say anything, took the book she returned to me, and watched her walk away, my heart inexplicably hurt. I slowly tore the newspaper with my article in it into pieces and scattered them into the cool night wind.

Back home, I found a note in the book, above is a string of numbers, I know Xiaowu often can not solve the gap when the dragon down, let me go home to solve. I don’t know when she put this one in the book, perhaps she has forgotten, just as she will forget our happy days together. Open the computer, find the note on the game, played for a long time, I can not solve the game empty solitons, just like I can not solve our love, suddenly I burst into tears.

Day and night replace each other, my last tear, on the couch, slowly falling – dusk, dyed it purple.

The day I broke up with Wu was my 26th birthday.


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