Aries promise Gift vacuum guarantee flowers

This is a stylish and creative gift, perfect for Aries, as long as it is fun, everything is fine, you can also include a card that says: “I wish I could put ‘today’ in a vacuum bag, don’t let it die; May our relationship last forever.” In this way, the sheep will certainly be touched by your true feelings, and will soon fall into your deep feelings, especially in the particularly expensive Christmas, this one can express meaning and not too shabby gift, is definitely the most correct choice.

Taurus promise gift ring

If you want to give gifts to Taurus, pay special attention to the gift not only represents your heart, but also reflects the degree of your attention to him, so it is best not to use this trick on them. This is may wish to choose a little more expensive gift, of course, you do not have to name the brand, but at least you can pick a chic enough, more reflect his status in your mind! In this way, the Taurus who likes you will definitely be more devoted to you.

Gemini promise gift: cell phone

This year can really reach the point where there is a mobile phone know-it-all, no mobile phone can’t move, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands, as if no mobile phone is sorry. So to the day of the gift, send Gemini mobile phone is the best gift, not only in line with their love speech personality, you can also see through the son of Yuji, do not call him from time to time a little check, but do not ask according to three meals! They’ll change their faces in no time when they’re so bored. The style of the mobile phone, of course, to the latest popular, the most creative for the best!

Cancer promise gift: pet doll

If you want to give gifts to Cancer, it is best to send gifts that can stimulate their motherly personality, such as “Young Age” in Aaron and small Qian is by the cat at first sight. A long in order to help small Qian for the cat, bravely jump into the water, it deeply let small Qian dumping. Of course, it’s rare for you two to encounter such a moving sequence in real life, but giving a pet to a loved one will certainly have the same effect. Just to avoid trouble, we suggest that you still send a pet doll, so that people are not convenient to feed sheep, but more cat and dog problems: Kitty “cat”, “bear” or pudding “dog”, are all good choices!

Leo’s gift of love: Clothes

Leo is a very face-heavy constellation, no matter what you eat, wear, and use, you want to be the best. So when you want to give them a gift, don’t go to the stall to pick up a bargain, so they will turn against you. Remind you to consider sending them a beautiful dress, preferably gorgeous and generous, can highlight their noble temperament clothes as the first choice. Like a dress or something! Not only can you buy Leo’s heart, but also let you enjoy the joy of him wearing your clothes on your next date. However, you can tell your taste in clothes, so don’t miss it!

Virgo Promise gift: a small castle

Do you remember the perfect combination of Zhongzong Yilang and Xia Shu in the “Thirty Pull tight report”? Each night, they gaze out the window at the Tokyo Tower, and Natsuki’s room is decorated with a miniature model of the tower that Soichiro gave her, but you can also buy a small castle decoration for Virgo, because they love this feeling of warmth and importance: And look at things, as long as he sees the small castle you sent, he will think of the warm Christmas Eve, you and him to share a candlelight dinner. At the same time, the small castle also indicates that you are serious about him and want to start a family with him!

Libra gift: Hourglass

Libra, who values balance, requires absolute beauty in many things, so it is best to send a Libra to them. The two ends of the scale are symmetrical with each other, and the appearance looks like the “∞” in the number symbol, representing infinity and eternity. Sending an hourglass to them can not only express your infinite and eternal love for him, but also hope that your relationship can be maintained for a long time, which expresses your affection and sends him a very tasteful gift. Isn’t it very good to kill two birds with one stone? A gift with such profound meaning is perfect for them.

Scorpio Promise gift: A message in a bottle

If you were standing on the beach one day and suddenly found a glass bottle floating in the sand with a letter inside, would you be tempted to open it and have a look? This romantic scene not only appeared in the movie “Message in a bottle”, but also appeared in the Japanese drama “Beach Boys”, Makoto also picked up a message in a bottle at the seaside, and also put it up, every day full of expectations for it. All you need to do is write a romantic letter to a passionate Scorpio and put it in a glass bottle for a great Christmas present, but also very romantic! Or you can tie a ribbon around the glass, or put some sea sand or shells in it, so the overall effect will be better.

Sagittarius gift: Apple-shaped ornaments

Sagittarians, who love freedom, are also very informal, so you should take this into account when giving them Christmas gifts. Crystal glass and other simple and generous ornaments are very good, so you may wish to send an apple shape decoration to the Sagittarius people, it is best to choose a generous shape and exquisite hand, so as to best suit the Sagittarius free and easy personality; Of course, if you want to send a crystal apple like “in love generation”, it is also OK! It’s just very expensive and not very easy to buy, so get ready to give it to him on a romantic Christmas night!

Capricorn gift: A scarf

Winter is coming, the cold air makes everyone lazy, then the most need a warm scarf to keep out the cold. Capricorn is a pragmatic constellation, so send him a good quality scarf, for them is more practical but kotoko is also in Christmas time to do a scarf to the department to give straight tree oh! If you can’t knit yourself, buy a ready-made scarf is actually good, want to get the heart of Capricorn, as long as they are very warm, very assured, do not need any fancy gifts, as long as you can show your thoughtful heart, they can be very simple to appreciate it!

Aquarius Promise Gift: Crystal ball

A crystal ball full of breath is not only the best gift for Christmas, but also the most suitable thing for Aquarius. Especially in the north of Christmas always floating snow, although the south can not see snow, but the artificial snow in the crystal ball, shaking is very beautiful, Aquarius has given people a transparent, impenetrable feeling, like the situation in the crystal ball, just thought they saw clearly, did not expect a little shake, snow covered your line of sight, Isn’t it a little similar to the elusive thoughts of Aquarius?! On the beautiful Christmas Eve, send a gift that can connect with their hearts!

Pisces gift: Dolphin necklace

Pisces, who loves fantasy, also loves things related to the sea, so give them a dolphin necklace for Christmas! Just like the “beach boy” Zhongguang Sea sent true piano, you can let the Pisces who like the sea have a sense of security like returning home. And the beautiful dolphin, also carrying the love of dreaming Pisces came to the dream country, pursuing the meaning of their own sky, so that Pisces can relax themselves in this beautiful festival, and pursue a short dream! Of course, if it can be combined with romantic music and a rich candlelight dinner, it is a good time to move their hearts, may wish to start preparing it now!

Give gifts to Aries
March 21 – April 20 born Aries lovers, enthusiastic and positive, like novel things, ordinary and unimaginative things can not tolerate, like novel and valuable gifts, the choice of gifts is best wrapped, you can send them novel and valuable gifts, to meet their curiosity. For example:
A present for him
A chic tie
A special pen
An elegant printed scarf
A present for her
A pearl pin in a special shape
A bottle of designer perfume that just came out
A fancy handbag in an unusual shape and a silk scarf in a unique pattern
A coat or sweater with a tasteful texture and design
Gift for Taurus
April 21 – May 21 born Taurus lover, down-to-earth, can not tolerate wasteful things happen, practical and beautiful; It is the highest guiding principle of gift giving, so it is best to give them gifts that take into account their real needs, and give them immediate use and the most practical things that will surely make them smile. For example:
A present for him
A bottle of multivitamins
A tie with a generous pattern
A calf leather bag
A present for her
A set of maintenance products (her usual brand) and a pair of casual shoes
A generous sweater
A comfy, cute hat
Gift for Gemini
May 22 – June 21 born Gemini lovers, lively and cheerful, thirst for knowledge, to give more ideas and thirst for knowledge Gemini lovers choose gifts is a special need to spend some thought, to impress their hearts, in addition to the quantity to win, unexpected surprise is also an indispensable element, remind you when giving gifts, Don’t forget to include a nice little note card. Therefore, it is best to give them a group of Valentine’s Day gifts, a variety of practical mix. They’ll laugh their mouths off. For example:
A present for him
Stationery set
A set of puzzle games
A wallet, pen, belt and other gift box
A present for her
A set of small perfume gift boxes
A box of chocolates with various flavors and special shapes and a cosmetic gift box
Give Cancer a gift
Born between June 22 and July 23, Cancer lovers are gentle, considerate and understanding, and love gifts that are heart-warming and feel like home. Personalized gifts can impress their hearts the most, so if you can send a warm home decoration supplies, he will always remember you. For example:
A present for him
Two heart-shaped sweet cushions
A unique table lamp
A cotton casual suit
A present for her
A soft, comfortable carpet
An all-white cotton bathrobe
Two cute stuffed animals
A set of elegantly colored nail polish
Gift for Leo
July 24 – August 23 born Leo lover, bright and proud of the lion, don’t look at him is always the focus of attention, in fact, he still needs your care, pay attention to decent and generous of them, both face and attention to □ son, so choose a gorgeous gift especially to meet his vanity. For example:
A present for him
Four or five colorful balloons and a passionate Kiss
A stylish leather jacket or vest in a bright wrap and a lighter or bracelet in gold
A present for her
A bunch of colorful and cute balloons, plus 99 roses and a big naughty stuffed animal
A group of designer watches with varying color bands
A well-wrapped leather backpack popular boots, sundresses, sweaters and more in bright colors
Give gifts to Virgo
Virgo lovers born from August 24 to September 23, Virgo lovers who pay attention to spiritual life and have a perfectionist tendency, really need a feeling of heart, so a card made by their own hands and a bouquet of specially selected flowers will have a warming effect on this Platonic love affair, remember that if they are not fully aware of their tastes, Don’t give clothes and other intimate gifts lightly, or a beautiful intention may backfire. A Romantic card and a bouquet of flowers are the best gifts. For example:
A present for him
A soft pink card filled with your thoughts and love and a bouquet of hand-made ribbon flowers
Little homemade dolls and nice, warm gloves
A present for her
A lovely valentine card with your thoughts on her and a warm woolen hat
A fancy musical jewelry box, when the music is playing, she will miss you especially a bouquet of tulips or purple roses, a heart-warming expression of love and a gold necklace
Gift for Libra
September 24 – October 23 born Libra lover, smart and rational, harsh and critical of lovers, especially pay attention to appearance and temperament. Want to please the smart and rational Libra lover, it is not an easy thing, a taste and texture of Valentine’s Day gifts need you to choose carefully, for has always been very strong feelings of beautiful things for them, so pay special attention to the texture of gifts and extraordinary. For example:
A present for him
An innovative coffee pot
A light, soft, well-cut wool coat
A present for her
A pair of tea cups in bright colors and exquisite patterns
A comfortable, feminine silk blouse
An elegant little buckskin backpack
A sleek, soft sweater
Give gifts to Scorpio
Born between October 24 and November 22, Scorpio lovers are always capricious, and when giving Valentine’s Day gifts, they should be carefully selected. The fickle Scorpio lover, his passion and tenderness is really melting, but a turn of face, his selfishness and ruthlessness, will also make people angry, and his strongest love and hatred and jealousy, is the most unbearable, he is a very self-centered lover, can hurt his lover for himself without shame and pain, It is difficult for ordinary people to live with him forever, unless it is his lover at first sight, the person who is “abused” is Scorpio himself, and when giving him Christmas gifts, it is the principle of quality not weight. For example:
A present for him
A pair of leather shoes with male sex appeal
A designer shirt for formal occasions
A giant poster of a tricycle
An antique watch
A present for her
A small, delicate gold bracelet
A silk shirt
A bottle of sweet perfume
Give gifts to Sagittarius
November 23 – December 22 born Sagittarius lover, free spirited, need a stable, mature lover to care for themselves. Free-spirited Sagittarius lovers, although the personality does not like to be constrained, but like to receive a Valentine’s Day gift that can represent the relationship, for sports or nature related things, especially can resonate with them. Therefore, a “heart-to-heart” small gift is the best choice. For example:
A present for him
A pair of Valentine’s Day watches
A pair of delicate pens, engraved with both of your names and a pair of textured cufflinks or tie clips
A present for her
A heart-shaped necklace or ring with her name on it two pieces that can be worn together
Add a box of chocolates and warm gloves to a bouquet of flowers
Give gifts to Capricorns
December 23 – January 20 born Capricorn lover, the surface quiet and dutiful, but the heart has two extremes, one is a positive and enthusiastic personality, the other is cold and irregular. Brave and down-to-earth Capricorn lover, love to press everything


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