That year he was 22 years old, she was 20 years old, after the introduction, they got married, in fact, the marriage process is very simple.

Later, the country famine, they are also too poor to open the pot, and finally only a little noodles left, made a bowl of soup noodles. He is reluctant to eat, let her eat; She won’t eat. Let him eat! Three days later, the bowl of noodle soup was moldy. At the time, he was 42 and she was 40!

Because his grandfather had been a landlord, he was criticized.
In those years, “organizationally” let her “draw a line and distinguish right from wrong.”
She said, “I do not know who is the enemy of the people, but I know that he is a good man, and he loves me, and I love him, and that is enough!”
So, she accompanied him to be criticized, listed parade, husband and wife two people in the suffering years to accept the same fate!
That year, he was 52 and she was 50!

Many years passed, he and she learned Qigong together to exercise their bodies.
At this time they were transferred to the city, and every morning they took the bus to the downtown park, and when a young man offered them a seat, they refused to sit down and let the other stand.
So they leaned against each other, holding the handrail, with a satisfied smile on their faces, and the people on the bus could not help but stand up.
That year, he was 72 and she was 70.

She said: “In 10 years, if we are all dead, I must become him, he must become me, and then he will come to drink the half bowl of porridge I sent him!”

70 years old, this is love.


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