When the day came to part, Yu said that I was nothing like the host he had known, and said that I should be the stand-in for the host. I gave him a “you are hopeless” look and got into the taxi without even saying “goodbye”.

But after a month, I still became Yu’s girlfriend. A wild, headstrong, only a little like his girlfriend. I, on the other hand, still yelled at him from time to time, and the day after I agreed to be his girlfriend, I regretted it, because the next day I felt that his voice did not sound like the voice of the man I loved so much. But I was afraid of hurting him, did not break up with him, but always unintentionally hid from him, and occasionally when I would answer a phone call, he was always careful, I am afraid I became a “shrew”.

After a long time, in fact, there is a deep sense of guilt in my heart, whenever I see him, I always think of another man in military uniform, and a childish smile. Only then did I show my original gentleness and patience. Later, I wanted to hurt him with all the cold words, so that he could leave me, but he always suffered silently. It was not until one day that his comrades told me that he had cried when he saw Yu one day that I woke up as if “recovering from a serious illness”.

A few days later, I met the man I had always loved. Still handsome face, still childish smile, but my heart is no longer racing. “Are you all right? I hear you already have a boyfriend?” “Yes, a soldier too, someone very much like you.” I looked at him softly and said, yes. He is different from Yu, I never shouted at him, always as meek as a lamb. “It’s unfair to him, it’s unfair to me… So it is!” He had the same childish smile now. “You should understand that I am not with you because my love for you is so deep that I have a deep sense of inferiority, and I am afraid that my pedantry is not worthy of you, but I will be a good sister.” By the time I said these words, my eyes were full of tears. “Just remember that I love you, and always will.” After saying that, he resolutely left me and walked in the other direction. At that time, I realized that he was not a God, but actually an ordinary person like me.

When I got home, it was nearly noon, and the island suddenly came, I looked at him in doubt. He told me that he had come to see me during his business hours. Mother patted Yu’s hand and said: “Alas! Don’t let Xiaoxiao spoil you.” I took one look at my mother and fled sheepishly to the kitchen. “Shall I make you egg fried rice?” I learned it yesterday!” The island followed. “Do you know fried rice?” I was as surprised as if I had met an alien. Looking at the island with a clear mind to open the fire, I stood on the side with a look of picking the side.

When the rice was ready, the sweat on Yu’s forehead was already hanging, and I really wanted to hold him tightly at that moment. At this moment, I think I should get to know Yu again.

When I went to pick up the leftover food in his hand, I accidentally touched his hand, and I obviously felt that he breathed a breath. “What happened to your finger?” I put the food I took from him on the table and held his hand for the first time. Suddenly I felt a burst of sour heart, that is what kind of hands ah? Due to long-term training, the thick blood vessels bulge on the back of the hand, and the fingertips of the right hand grind up layers of blood blisters. “Is training that hard? How do you make so many bubbles?” I gently hold his hand with love. “Not during training, because I want to play the guitar for you when you are sad and lonely, this little bubble is nothing, I am a soldier.” Looking at his brave appearance, I deliberately touched his fingers, and he suddenly groaned and pulled his fingers back quickly. “Don’t ever try to be brave in front of me, do you hear me?” I cried out loud, but in tears. Yu hesitated for a moment and held me tightly in his arms. “I know you don’t think of me as his substitute anymore, right?” Yu some hard throat said. I did not answer, just lying in the arms of the island gently sobbing, at this time I know that true love should be equal, at this time I have no inferiority, only happiness.

A year has passed, Yu still does not know that the bowl of rice he cooked is actually very bad, but it is because of this bowl of bad fried rice that I understand what real love is.


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