On the afternoon of the date, the journey arrived at the water bar on time, but the girl’s shadow could not be seen left and right, and the mood www.88mylove.com fell a little bit. Finally, 40 minutes later, the newly dressed girl showed up and apologized for being late for her hair. Distance smiled to forgive, but there is an unstoppable depression in the heart, can freely break about half an hour or more of the woman is definitely not what he expected. After the date, he decided that his relationship with the girl could only be a friend, not a girlfriend.

Since then, the road has made a rule for itself: from the arrival of the appointment place, if you count to 500 and the other party does not appear, you will retreat without politeness. Because of this, he missed several girls who felt very good in the course of two years, but he never thought of overturning this rule that others thought was a little odd.

Until this spring, on a business trip to Shanghai, my life was destined to meet the girl next to me. The girl’s eyes are deep and clear, and her face is the kind of gentle and bright smile, which attracts the road to take the initiative to chat up. At the beginning, there was just no words to find words without a match, but I did not think that the more I talked, the more speculative, the more I was deeply attracted to the other side’s wisdom and wonderful. Out of the airport, finally could not help but leave each other’s name and mobile phone number, the girl called Yiyi, is a professional trainer of a consulting company.

During the whole business trip, the journey has been obsessed with Yiyi, the eyes always shake YiYi’s beautiful big eyes, the ear also seems to echo her crisp and beautiful voice. The feeling seemed to take him back to his early days of love.

A few days later, when the road knew Yiyi back to Beijing, the two agreed to eat barbecue. Walking into the shop, I used to count the distance. In front of the replay and Yiyi on the plane scene, the heart is interested in guessing YiYi is not similar to their own taste? Was it because you were busy at work or because you were stuck in traffic? What’s the best thing to talk about when she gets here? Unconsciously, the number in his mouth has counted to 499, but there is still no lively shadow. Road brainwave, unconsciously count down: “499.1, 499.11, 499.12……”

Thank God, there’s more than a lifetime between those two numbers. Finally, just the number of distance to 499.228, Yiyi pushed the door into. The conscience of heaven and earth is definitely within 500.

That barbecue was a milestone in their relationship, and love www.88mylove.com took root and flourished in the days that followed.

Originally, as long as there is love, not can not wait.


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