My breakup with Ashin was unexpected by no one. Maybe it is that the acquaintance time is too long and the feelings become weak, maybe it is that love really has a potential deadline. We began to busy with their lives, without the original passion between each other, love seems to have become a symbol, even an occasional meeting is as routine, plain and boring.
The fuse of breaking up is the betrayal of Ah Xin. I didn’t believe my friend when he told me he was with another girl, until one day, I found a girl’s bracelet on his bed in his dorm room, and then he confessed that he was seeing another girl. So, on a rainy day, I broke up with Ah Xin, Ah Xin did not have any expression, but I was already in tears.
The end of the relationship made me very sick for a month. When I stood in the sun again, Ah Xin called me and asked me to forgive him. I said, “There is nothing to forgive.” Such an attitude makes him think that I have been unable to forgive him, in fact, it is not, I really no longer blame him, I just do not love.
Then I got a boyfriend, graduated, got a job, and went on with my normal life. I uploaded a photo of me and my boyfriend to the alumni record, and Ah Xin left a message below: “I wish you happiness.” When I saw his words, I suddenly realized that we had not seen each other for five or six years since the rainy day when we broke up.
I didn’t think we’d meet under such circumstances today; I never thought we would be sitting side by side so naturally after so many years. To my surprise, I was talking to him in his house wearing his shirt. All of them let me feel so: time like water.
We just talked about each other’s work, and none of the topics touched on love. Look at Ah Xin’s room, I think he should still be alone, I want to ask, but did not ask. Before I knew it, it was getting dark.
“I should go… My boyfriend should be back by now.” I stood up and said.
“Oh, I’ll take you.”
Ashin walked me to my door, then turned and left. Looking at his back farther and farther away, I seemed to look at the past time away from me bit by bit, and that sentence has not been said.
Ah Xin, if we knew the end, would we still be together?
Open the door, boyfriend’s not there, must be out looking for me. After a while, my boyfriend opened the door, found me back, surprised and happy, he rushed up and hugged me: “Don’t be angry, forgive me?”
I smiled and said: “I am not angry, we are not so naive, OK?”


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