Have you ever fantasized about making love somewhere other than in bed? Have you ever guessed where he would most like to have sex? This time, we will boldly analyze where he loves to have sex in accordance with his constellation characteristics for you, so that your boudoir sex index will climb sharply.

Aries full of curiosity, love to try a variety of adventures, more love to create a variety of sexual moves. The most favorite sex place is the car, stimulating and do not have to endure to get off, is the largest group of lathe family.
Stubborn Taurus, although the start of love to tricks not much, but in fact quite hot. At the same time, I also want to have safety, so I still love to do things at home where I don’t have to spend money and don’t have to worry about being photographed. But don’t be too disappointed, even at home there are exciting places to choose, such as the bathroom or the attic.

Smart Gemini, the most hate the unchanging life, but you do not have to be too nervous about their tricks are not enough, because he is for sex, that is, the object is more important. He’s interested in any sex spot he hasn’t tried, you just have to keep discovering new continents.

The affectionate Cancer is in the mood to spend a lifetime with you in the future, emphasizing sincerity and sincerity. For him, the most romantic sex is in a warm bed at home, after love to do things, and then cuddle together.
The controlling Leo likes to dominate even the sex, so if you want to change the sex location, you may as well pretend to agree with his proposal, even if he never mentioned it. And Leo he most want to try the sex location, is a high risk of the park or the suburbs, is a typical wild gun enthusiasts.

Conservative and awkward Virgo, for the attitude of sex, never as reserved as his appearance, any sexual tricks are likely to try, and never tired. Virgo he most wants to try the sex place is full of romantic flowers beautiful garden, or the darkest corner of the movie theater, the two have in common is tense and exciting and free of money


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