Do you know what the legend says 21 grams of love stands for? Few people hear and understand. In fact, about 21 grams of love, there is a beautiful story in it, then read down, maybe you really will be moved, the 21 grams of love has a deeper interpretation.

Boys and girls are in a class, boys are silent, girls are lively and cute, boys like girls, girls do not know, girls like boys, but boys do not know, they are silent each other, girls learn very well, sitting in the same row of boys, they are the teacher’s special care object, girls are sick, boys such as colic, but he does not know what to do, Once the girl is not ideal, the boy can only pray for her silently in the heart, the girl is sad, the boy will feel better than dead, but he does not know how to comfort the girl, he can only look at the beautiful girl in class, and the girl is not like this? They are not good at expressing their feelings, so a flash of three years, senior year, and the boy has never said a word with the girl.

Until one day, during the exam, the boy suddenly found that his pencil did not have, he had to borrow from others, so he thought of the girl, he tried to make his mood calm down red face to borrow the girl pencil, the girl was very happy to lend him, the boy was very happy, the test was finished, of course, the boy was not good, because he had been thinking about the girl, the girl was also not good, Because she kept thinking about the boy, too, but they didn’t say anything more than thanks and politeness. The boy gave the pencil back to the girl, and the girl casually put it in the pencil box. The boy was a little sad, but he didn’t say anything. Another exam arrived, the girl took out a pencil is ready to answer, she was stunned, it is what kind of a pencil ah, is so smooth, so meticulous, so people heart, the girl’s eyes are some wet, she understood why she put the pencil randomly into the pencil box when the boy will appear a little sad, finally she on the desk shed tears.

In a blink of an eye, the college entrance examination is approaching, but they do not know each other’s hearts. Is love to torture each other? The boy is silent all day, his heart is broken, and the girl is not often! The boy can not let go of the girl, he loves her too, in order to be able to talk more with the girl, and don’t let the girl understand his heart, the naive boy always borrow a pencil from the girl before the exam, gradually the girl found out, but they still do not cry, the girl loves the boy deeply, but she is too silly, so it is only in each borrow the pencil before the pen round, so that the boy has a reason to pin the pencil for her. They love each other too much, but to cover up each other, each other sad, each other sad torture, maybe this is true love! So, “pencil” became the secret of the two people.

Finally, the boy’s broken heart began to heal, and he decided to tell the girl his love. The boy took advantage of the physical education class classmates are not there in the girl’s book placed a note, the girl found the note when the book opened in class, it said: My love for you net weight 21 grams. The girl cried, crying very sad, she shouted to the boy: Do you know how much I love you, I can give up my life to you, and you, my love is only 21 grams. The girl cried and ran out, the boy did not chase out, because the boy loved the girl too much, he did not want the girl to be hurt a little, he understood that he could not give the girl happiness, will he what is not. The innocent girl cried all night, the next day she found her brother to go out for a walk, she was so sad, she needed the boy to say aloud that my love for you is heavier than Mount Tai, longer than Mount Hengshan, but the girl’s heart was completely broken.

At this time, she saw the boy come over here, the innocent girl took her brother’s hand to make a look of love, the boy seemed to want to say something, but he stopped, they passed each other like this, after walking 10 meters away, the boy suddenly turned to the girl and said loudly: I wish you happiness, and then instantly disappeared in front of the girl, the girl has not reacted to the boy has already disappeared, the girl broke away from her brother’s hand, tearing the lungs and crying, crying so chilling, she loves the boy too, he just wants the boy to ask who is the person around her, can care about her, she wants to: If the boy can ask her what is the person around her, the girl will say he is my brother, and then tell the boy I love you, love, love! But the boy did not understand, they were too naive, too stupid, too stupid, the girl did not find the boy, she heard the boy say: I wish you happiness, when the voice is trembling, she finally understood that the boy is love her, naive she just want to anger a boy, can let himself get a little comfort from the boy, but they are too silly, they do not understand each other’s heart, the girl can not listen to the brother’s comfort, let the tears release but flow down, as if endless, she loves the boy too. The next day she still did not see the boy, and another day did not see the boy, listen to the classmate said he transferred to school, the girl cried the whole night, she loved the boy, and the sentence “I love you, love, love” but forever in the heart, the girl is not lively from now on, she began to become introverted, no one knows why, (except you and me, of course) the girl studied harder, she loved the boy too much. Finally the college entrance examination, the girl did very well, but she was not happy, because she loved the boy too much.

Soon the girl went to her ideal university, in the university, the girl’s broken heart gradually began to heal, the girl has a new boyfriend, the boyfriend loves the girl very much, the girl also felt a little happiness. The girl always cries at night, she misses the boy too much, she can not let the boy, under the torture of strong missing, the girl began to become brittle, let a person feel bad, the girl’s boyfriend more love the girl, but there is one thing he does not know, never can know, the girl is still suffering alone every night, she loves the boy, she can not let the boy, never let go.

One day the girl’s boyfriend gave the girl two movie tickets, please the girl to watch the movie, but they have important things can not accompany the girl, let the girl find a friend with a kind girl of course can understand. But the girl went alone instead of looking for her friends. The girl found a corner and sat down, she saw a couple of lovers next to her so lovingly snuggled together, the heart hurt again, she missed the boy, how she wanted to see the boy, she begged to God, but God can not see, she thought if she could see the boy again she must be desperate to say to the boy: I love you, love, love.

What about boys? But it’s too late. It’s too late.

In fact, the boy said to the girl, “I love you, love you very much, love you very much,” but the girl did not understand. The movie finished, the girl cried, cried very sad, very sad, her heart was completely broken, in also can not heal. Because the hero of the movie is clearly a boy and a girl. At this time, the girl saw the boy next to the girl hug the girl very tight, very tight, the girl also cried, she asked the boy, this movie is really touching, but why is the name called “21 grams of love”? The boy distressed for the girl dry tears, gently pinch the girl’s nose said: “Fool, 21 grams is the weight of the soul, every person who loves others deeply will lose 21 grams after death, that 21 grams is the purest love in the world, even if people go, cute is still there, the reduced 21 grams will always stay with the loved ones ——” the girl could not help but, she cried recklessly, The cry was enough to move anyone with a heart of stone, and the girl ran out, vowing to find the boy and say to him, “My love for you weighs 21 grams net.” But it was too late, it was too late.

In fact, the boy did not change schools, he just thought that the girl did it was a rejection of him, the boy was very sad, that day he drank for the first time, while crossing the street was taken to heaven by a truck. But the girl does not know, will never know —- that 21 grams represents the weight of a person’s soul. It is said that the weight of people will be reduced by 21 grams after death, and the 21 grams of life that are finally condensed together are the purest love of people. That 21 grams is: One gram is tolerance, one gram is acceptance, one gram is support, one gram is telling, one gram is unforgettable, one gram is romantic, one gram is communicating with each other, one gram is praying for her, one gram is apologizing, one gram is apologizing, one gram is understanding, one gram is thanking, one gram is correcting, one gram is understanding, one gram is solving, one gram is not enduring, one gram is not questioning, one gram is not asking One gram is not forgetting, and the last gram is not to casually hold hands, let alone casually let go.


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