Is the husband having an affair? Why do you always feel neglected? Why do you always have to worry about the heart? So you lament being a woman is difficult, being a woman is tired. But have you ever asked yourself how much anxiety is unnecessary? How much worry is your own trap? Get out of the psychological swamp of losing yourself, you will find the sea and sky, and life will be more exciting.

Suspicious type
Life prototype: Li Qiufen, 30, textile factory worker. The son is one year old, and he has been married to his husband for three years. He has fought the war of suspicion relentlessly for three years, and finally, the two separated and their marriage turned red.
Analysis: Li Qiufen thinks that men in this world do not have a good thing, in the eyes of men, the wife is someone else’s good, then his husband can not be an exception. Why can’t I read a text message sent by a friend as a wife? Who are you out with at night? Why can’t you tell me? Since I am your wife, I have the right to know everything about you husband and wife is a couple who can’t keep any secrets from each other.
If you are silent to all her suspicions, she will release all the dialogs – a twist in the waist, a sideways face, what do you mean by ignoring me? We’ve only been married a few years, and you think I’m a bitch? In this case, even if it’s cheating, it’s not the man’s fault! It is your suspicion that made the original beautiful marriage a mess, it is your distrust that killed the husband’s loyal love .
Life prototype: LAN Meimei, 28, professional wife. 20 years old love, 24 years old and husband cohabitation, so far, has not obtained a formal wife’s license – marriage certificate. It is said that the husband resolutely does not issue this certificate, and often returns late or simply does not go home under the excuse of busy social activities. She had to follow, found her husband and another MM playing hot.
Analysis: LanMeimei this kind of woman, reminiscent of the restaurant’s boneless chicken feet, no edge no Angle, soft if no bone, the only advantage is that the taste is good, so, attracted a lot of diners – men. But the men this group of diners, eat steamed bread, want to eat bread, then want to eat cake. No matter what the man asked for her advice, she had only three words – I follow you. Rice’s gone. She asked you for it. The money’s gone, and she thinks you’re responsible. In her view, men earn money and women spend, it is natural. She’s a rib that’s stuck in your body for life. For you, she is once chosen, will not return. In fact, LAN Meimei is very beautiful, cultured and elegant. But you can’t manage yourself independently, without a man, you can’t survive. For her, men are free food suppliers.
Life prototype: Wang Xiaoxue, 30 years old, married for three years, in her opinion, her biggest wisdom is to manage men. Unfortunately, the man she married was not Wu Da – she was whatever she said, and she married a very assertive and thoughtful man. Therefore, Wang Xiaoxue often goes to the left and her husband goes to the right. The two men often quarrel red in the face because they disagree.
Analysis: She taught the limited art of war to men, often because of improper command, the overall failure, but I do not know where to lose, clearly even the qualifications of soldiers are not enough, Leng want to become the grand marshal of the Republic! A man who marries such a woman, even if he was originally a potential stock, will also fall by the limit and then crash due to improper trading. In life, there are many women like Wang Xiaoxue. A man of thought and wisdom does not need a woman to run him. A good man needs a woman’s insight to develop, but definitely does not need her to run. A wise man knows how to manage himself and his life.
Narcissistic type
Life prototype: Zhang Ke, 32 years old, married for 5 years, has been complaining that he has no eyes, married a garbage man. The translation of her words means that she has beauty, education, and wisdom, but God is blind, let her marry a garbage man!
Analysis: In Zhang Ke’s view, she is good everywhere, so, of course, to marry a man such things are thousands of choices. After marriage, the man she married disagreed with his boss at work and was sent to sit on the bench by his boss. As for her, as a wife, instead of comforting her husband and analyzing the reasons for failure, she scolded him for not being a man. The husband in this matter was already a nest of belly fire, back home can not get the wife’s tenderness, but was scolded like a bloody head, can not be angry? Later, her husband had a lover outside behind her back, and she knew that later, she found her husband’s little lover and fought with her. However, her husband has made up his mind to marry her lover, the reason is: the lover gave me too much selfless love and care in my career and life at the lowest point, if I don’t cherish her love, I am still a man?
Vase shape
Life prototype: Li Ruhui, 26, single mother, living alone with a 4-year-old girl.
Analysis: Many women think that as long as they have a face, they will have milk, bread, sports cars, villas, and everything! But many women do not know that the face is just a woman’s business card, if there is a face without a head, it is just a plaything in the palm of a man. When Li Ruhui was 20 years old, she met a handsome man on the train. Under the attack of the man’s sugar-coated cannonball, she became his love captive. Three months later, the man promised to marry her. Then she had a baby, and he left her when the baby was a month old. It was only two years between meeting and falling in love and abandoning her. In the eyes of a vase woman, as long as a woman has a face on everything, happy OK, as for English several levels, whether you can get a degree, know do not know “a sad mood, a few years away, wrong, wrong, wrong” who wrote it, it is not important. Men and women, women are in a weak position, but if you have a pair of eyes, believe, men dare not, will not regard you as a fool.


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