Never mind how it ends, at least we were… Ten men, nine flowers. In fact, women are also the same, but more implicit, as far as the nature of men and women for cheating, the view of money, power, sex is basically the same, the only difference is only a matter of opportunity and courage.

First, the reason for the derailment: encounter an old lover

Better to laugh than to cry, better to be old than new. Married women suddenly in a casual place to meet once deeply loved but eventually broke up with the old lover, that is really like the revolutionary party suffered the enemy torture, whether when the Fu Zhigao or when Jiang Jie depends on personal determination. The “new” here refers to the actual state of marriage. The reality is only its true and reveals the place of regret, then dissatisfaction, then miss, and even fantasy that a period of emotional process with no end how perfect, in-depth development – such a psychological state is undoubtedly the best soil for the flowers of love to bloom. When the old flame comes, so does the conflict. Do you like the new, or do you like the old? The woman who had an affair fell into the long exam like Ma Xiaochun playing Weiqi.

Critical conditions:

The husband just beat up the married woman.

(2) The old lover is mature and sophisticated and the old love is unforgettable.

(3) The two had dinner together and both drank some wine.

Second, the reason for cheating: infatuation with bars

For men, the bar is a filter or camouflage, it can make rough men look elegant; For women, the bar has become a place of borderline affection, and is no doubt a hot spot for sexual encounters. From the woman’s perspective, the men in the bar often perform the following classic performance: waving half a glass of wine, smiling from one bar to another bar. He’s longing for a real affair. Women, even though they are aware of the show, can easily fall for it. Bar women don’t want to live forever, bar women are emotional. There is no reason for such an affair to unfold.

Critical conditions:

(1) The man has a Chow Yun-fat smile.

(2) or high level of indifference.

(3) or Geyou style of humor.

Third, the reason for cheating: Meet attractive middle-aged men

An attractive middle-aged man is a swaggering train that every woman who wants to travel wants to board. Young men are green apples, middle-aged men are red apples, and some hardware is unique to middle-aged men: a certain reputation and social status; Able to deal with The Times calmly and rationally; A nuanced understanding of the female psyche. All of this has led women to assume that middle-aged men are their main attraction. Especially attractive middle-aged men.

Of course, this type of affair is more complicated than others. Women may be passionate, but men are half sea and half fire. It is almost certain that conspiracy and ignorance are often combined in these emotional games. The last victim must be a woman, and the last knife-bearer must be the innocent middle-aged man. The woman in the affair I understand you, you should be alert!

Critical conditions:

(1) The woman lost her father’s love when she was young.

(2) Under the age of 28.

(3) A man who speaks fluently or is silent is golden.

(4) and it is best to say that the current marital status is not satisfactory.

  1. The reason for cheating: I like my male boss

A female subordinate having an affair with a male boss is another reason for cheating. To be sure, this affair has nothing to do with power, although power acts as a deterrent in some cases similar to American and NATO missiles; Aggressive, outrageous and unreasonable, but after all, an office affair has nothing to do with sexual harassment. In fact, the only way to measure whether this particular relationship is a sexual encounter or sexual harassment is when a woman thundered, “Don’t give me Clinton,” it’s sexual harassment, otherwise it’s an sexual encounter. Of course not all of them

Male bosses may become female subordinates’ sexual objects, which has nothing to do with whether the male boss is married, and is closely related to the personality charm of others.

Critical conditions:

(1) The male boss has just been transferred.

(2) Shave your chin every day until it is livid.

(3) Basically unsmiling, with some mystery.

(4) But in the appropriate occasions to ask for the lady.

Fifth, the reason for cheating: because the husband is cold or flowers

Such a husband greatly increases the probability that his wife will have an affair. There is some revenge, there is some sadness, there is some longing. A phone call, a party, an encounter. It doesn’t matter what kind of means or ways to take, but the important thing is that the wife will make a difference at this time. They don’t have to be charming but they have to be understanding; Not necessarily successful career but to know how to care; It doesn’t have to be pleasing to the woman but it has to be exclusive. At this time, women are actually looking for the ideal situation of love or lover. Men who are romantically involved are stressed; Is this feeling too heavy?

Critical conditions:

(1) A woman loves her husband deeply, but the husband plays with emotion.

(2) There is an understanding, single-minded man.

The reason for cheating: Love in a foreign country

It’s actually about a kind of sexual encounter that can happen in a particular space and time. For example, the TV series “Broadway 100”, such as the drama Qi Shiying and Master Jin. A married man and woman (not each other), living under the same roof in a foreign land for three years, how can an affair not happen naturally? Men may be more physically lonely than psychologically lonely, but women are just the opposite. The affair is carried out with the eyes of the public, the female weakness of Qi Shiying is firmly grasped by the painter Gold master. So it’s best for women who go abroad to live alone. But it’s okay to live alone?

Critical conditions:

(1) There will be a party for international students on Mid-Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival or Valentine’s Day.

(2) Both lovers are not around.

Seven, the reason for the derailment: encountered bad boy cool boy alternative boy

They’re all boys with character. Such young girls like it, young women and even middle-aged women may like it. They say it’s the new Bad guy era. The new bad man takes responsibility when he is willing to be responsible, and never aggrieved himself when he is unwilling to be responsible. Women feel that such a man is very kind, very real, not sanctimony, it may have a desire to be close. Cool boy is Douglas’s younger brother or son, but has more momentum and vitality than Dao, is the best woman “one night stand” object – but it is only suitable for one night, time is long cool into a paper tiger. The alternative man is to play art, play edge sense. He may be braided or bald, he may have a job or no job, he may or may not be responsible – in this respect, the alternative boy is no different from the bad boy. Women’s encounters with these personality boys are searching for a certain feeling or mood, and the outcome can not escape the four words of “dabbling”.

Critical conditions:

(1) Women who are likely to get sucked in have some risk-taking mentality.

(2) May be unmarried, or may be married but married life is as smooth as water.


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