Of all the female colleagues I used to work with, Zhan Jinyan is undoubtedly the most beautiful. The first time I saw her, she was so beautiful that I dared not look at her. At that time, she came to my network company to apply for the position of “assistant general manager”. This is a subsidiary company, very small, only about 20 people.
The so-called “general manager assistant”, in such a small company, is actually just a clerk, answering the phone, pouring water to the guests, wiping the table for the general manager, typing, doing chores, in the company’s least status, the lowest salary. According to my work experience, such a beautiful female colleague, certainly can not do long in such a small company, but the outcome is out of my expectation.
After only one month of doing chores, she became the department manager, and the speed of her colleagues was stunned. Since then, at informal occasions, such as company events or dinners out, she has begun to address the general manager as brother and sister, because they both share the surname Zhan. This surname, is extremely rare, two strangers with the surname exhibition unexpectedly met, can not but be said to be fate. But colleagues, including the deputy general manager and other department managers, are reluctant to admit that Zhan Jinyan and the general manager are “brother and sister,” preferring to refer to her as “Zhan sister-in-law” when joking in private. Such a name, rather ambiguous; On the other hand, it also vaguely expressed the general dissatisfaction from the deputy general manager, department manager to the ordinary staff: How can Zhan Jinyan be so promoted?
Her department is called “network content department”, there are six fresh graduates from secondary school or junior college, the work content is very simple, just typing and copying, turning other people’s information into their own content. May be the first month suffered too much grievances, or psychological problems, after winning ambition, she almost mistreated her opponents: every day to work overtime until eight or nine o ‘clock at night; They worked overtime almost every Sunday; When things don’t go your way, you find an excuse to kick some guy’s ass. Such a practice is inconsistent with the overall atmosphere of IT enterprises and has attracted many criticisms. The assistant had just left school, was paid less than others, and was so mistreated. You could imagine his anger, but no one dared to say anything.
To paraphrase a famous saying: “Where there is oppression, there is resistance.” After three or four months of work, the assistant has been familiar with each other, and the deputy general manager and other department managers have also had contacts, so gradually formed a trend of connection.
Finally one day, two joint letters were placed in front of the general manager of the exhibition and the chairman of the parent company at the same time, and the letter listed various crimes of the exhibition Jinyan, such as chatting with the voice at work, letting others work hard but doing nothing, and eccentric psychopathy.
Of course, the general manager of the exhibition to protect his “sister”, but the chairman of the parent company is obviously angry, not only must show Jinyan “leave”, and along the trend even the general manager changed. Later learned that the chairman of the general manager of the exhibition had opinions, and the joint letter incident became the fuse for him to clean up the door.
After the exhibition Jinyan left, there was no news.
The company had a new general manager, and it got worse and worse, and eventually, the parent company had the idea of selling it. After some approach, a Hong Kong company bought it. But it is absolutely unexpected that the person responsible for the acquisition and reorganization of this company is Zhan Jinyan. She bought the company at a high price, obviously with some kind of complex, knowing that it is not cost-effective to buy the success. The company’s original general manager, deputy general manager, department manager and each of the staff who had been in front of the stage and behind the scenes for the “inverted exhibition” action, saw her arrival was not good, quickly acted in advance and resigned, including me. At this time, according to the exhibition Jinyan left the company just half a year, the world is changing incredibly fast.
After a period of time to know, exhibition Jinyan left, went to the Hong Kong company to apply for the position is assistant to the chairman. She soon went back to her old tricks and developed a very close relationship with the chairman. What is different from the last time is that the new chairman is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and a word carries weight. With someone like that on her side, it makes sense that she’s making a glorious comeback and deciding our future. Because, instead of playing by the rules, she used the super weapon that she has as a beautiful woman. And it all seems to lie outside of work.


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