Facing myself like this in the dark night, I don’t know what I can have left in addition to darkness.
Modern people are always very realistic, too bad to look up, always want to find their own heart of the fantasy of that person. Even love www.88mylove.com love www.88mylove.com, can not withstand the reality of a little destruction. It is always like a thin drizzle, drifting in the wind involuntarily.
I’m still very committed to the choice I made. Commitment is like a dose of never-ending motivation, in order to fight for the life I want, I have to stand firm in this city. Freedom. I long for freedom. For 22 years, I was like a caged animal. The desire of the suppressed heart burst out of control, I have been unwilling to live like this, unwilling to help my parents arrange everything. Because that’s not what I want.
I have been in this strange city for four years. If four years is a short time for a man, then he may never have noticed the existence of time. And I couldn’t do that, because from the beginning it seemed like I was running a long way, with only one person with time. From the day I came here, I chose to take the unexpected road, no one can predict the final win or lose. Really, it’s unpredictable!
In 2006, I was still reluctant to go to that city full of oppressive atmosphere, just because the clear air brought me here, it makes me breathe naturally. It’s not as big as the big cities, but that’s what really attracted me…
Lonely, but firm, is living in the secular and displaced my soul was once pressed out of breath. Unexpectedly, at this moment, I have found the freedom I have wanted for many years, despite the twists and turns and hardships.
Every soul needs an outlet, but too many people live around them like air.
And in that season, dampness and cold are everywhere. The soul has nowhere to escape, the drops of rain eat into the bone marrow, the pain of the heart, excess of a cold wind. We just walk through it, blind to each other. The sultry music is made of intense notes, shaking with the patter of rain outside. It is a very long process to wait quietly for the aroma of coffee to spread all around. Just like the mood of a rainy day, with a little sticky…
Perhaps only in the face of life, men’s vulnerability is the most unbearable. They are just quietly struggling inside and not telling anyone, including their loved ones. Or too many people think that men should not be vulnerable, but the same people, why only allow women to cry and refuse men to cry?
There are many people in life worth waiting for you, there are many people in life waiting for you, whether you find it or not, it is always looming in your side, even if it is just a gust of wind, blowing just…
Since there is no perfect result doomed, then a little apathetic, a little vicissitudes of life, a little mature, a little despair.


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