Question: johns
Love a divorced woman, she once had a love and a one-night stand, with her, I often think of her and other men together, psychological is very uncomfortable, what should I do

Best answer
Answer: Begonia
Love and marriage are two different things, like her can be a lover, but let her be your wife, I’m afraid you do not have the courage. Since you care about what happened to her in the past, you may not be able to control what happens in the future (such as her getting back with her ex-husband, having a one-night stand, etc.). This will give you a lot of problems to solve.
If you are not fully prepared, do not take this risk, otherwise it is irresponsible behavior for both you and her.

Other answers

Answer: Design soul
Then don’t be together!

Answer: Brother
If you really love her, if she loves you a lot, and she’s only with you now, then don’t care about her past, if not,……

Answer: Little fairy
In fact, love and not love is up to you to decide. Because you’re the one, right? In fact, I think as long as you think you can be happy with her, the key is whether you mind, if you don’t mind then try to love it. If you do, give up early to save yourself pain.

Answer: の Heart ★ fate
If you care about her past, then don’t be together, this will not be happy.

Answer: Yu ‘er
Accept her if you really love her
She’s been through a divorce, and it’s not unusual to have a man
And what you should care about is whether she will love you back in the future
Love is the most important, her heart belongs to you!
Do not take into account the things that exist in love!

Answer: Mice love pigs
If you really love her, you won’t care! It means you don’t love enough! In that case. Just give up!

Answer: Fei
You don’t have faith in her or in yourself?

Answer: Black
If you really love her, you must believe her.
Because no one made you choose her. You chose her.
Since you have chosen to love her, you must tolerate her.

Answer: Ping ‘er
Selfish man, just love yourself!
Love a person, must accept her shortcomings, or give up!

Answer: The baby is stupid
If you care about this, give her up, I don’t think people who have had one-night stands are necessarily very good.

Answer: albe_3708
Do you love her? That’s the whole point!

Answer: See the world
The woman you’re talking about is a very seductive woman, you love her, but does she love you? Can you guarantee she won’t do it again? You clearly know, still with her, you say what you should do, you should not be stupid!

Answer: Ouyang Feng
In this case, emotion cannot deceive itself.
Giving up is the best policy!

Answer: okboy
Dude, you’re stupid. There’s something seriously wrong with her style. Get out of here.

Answer: Where is the dream
You still give up good, like you do not advocate people, she will be good in the future, others say she is not good you will believe, that will only make you feel bad, or give up now good, no matter what you do to have their own propositions, otherwise you are not a man.

Answer: Every day
You should leave her. Because your feelings for her are already frayed.

Answer: Big Tiger
Forget the past and start again, as long as you are a man with a big heart.

Answer: Smile proudly
Let her go before it’s too late. Let yourself go


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