I am a freshman, I also had a love www.88mylove.com when I was in high school, but finally gave up because of my immaturity.

Later we did not contact, but now think about it, the heart is very sad.

I think, love a person must pay all, I can not guarantee that only love a person for a lifetime, but I can guarantee that love a person will pay all

I’m not gonna be half-hearted, and I’m not gonna give her up for any reason, unless we’re not right for each other,

I’m not gonna break up with you…

I think to love a person is to love her everything, no Ren is good or bad I will not ask her

Strict, as long as our personalities are compatible, I don’t care too much about a person’s looks, because that is

Parents give us can not change, I think it is best that we can help each other, can give each other power.

I think to love someone is to have that feeling for her, that kind of feeling like lightning through your body.

When you are apart, you will miss, and when you are together, you will be so happy. We’re like fish to water. She’s me

The air is my breath, so I can’t extricate myself. I don’t think loving someone necessarily makes them

Your wife, as long as you’ve had it, and not many college kids are married today, so

I do not force, that process is very beautiful, let a person’s life to recall, how happy they are ah


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