He lives with his parents. At first, I went to his home to look for him twice. Later, I asked him to come to my home on the excuse that the information was in the computer. I asked him about falling in love, he said there was nothing, I summoned all the courage to say: you are so cute, girls will like you. He froze for a moment, his face flushed. I went to get something and changed into a dress. I was very bold that day, because I knew that the opportunity was too precious, and if I missed it, I would never come again. I even had a reason to pretend to casually touch his hair, and now I think it was completely out of control, and I was a different person. I said: Your skin is so nice, smooth. He suddenly hugged me and kissed me passionately. He was not as dull as I had imagined. I admit that I took the initiative, I helped him take off his shirt, and the rest www.88mylove.com is pretty much the way it is. I never expected him to meet me physically, one is that my husband and I have frequent sex, and the other is that I am a woman who pays more attention to feelings, a little Platonic. But his physical fitness is very good and I am very happy.
I went to him a few more times, and once he asked me why this happened and if there was something wrong with his brother. I said no, I don’t pay attention to that, your brother is very nice, but I rarely have sex with him, it is forced, ever since I like you. I lied, I really couldn’t help it, how I wanted to be pure in his mind.
I don’t know if I love two men at the same time. I think since I like him, my feelings for my husband seem to have faded a little, but I have the same passion when I am with my husband.
Now he wants a divorce, says he wants to marry me. I was very moved. But he is the husband’s relatives, how should we face each other in the future? How could I face the elders of the family? He said he didn’t care, how hard it was to find someone he liked, couldn’t give up because of that.
For my husband, I also have some grudgings, after all, we have known each other for 4 years, experienced a lot of happiness and suffering together, many things do not want to feel how, once recalled, can not help but feel a surge.
I think if it was someone else’s affair, I would have advised that woman to change her ways and cherish her family. But facing myself, I know I think about him almost all the time, and I don’t want to lose him. And I know him, he doesn’t like such a casual relationship, he wants a complete relationship and a complete woman.
What should I do? My cheating experience left me in a marriage limbo. A divorce? How do you not hurt your husband and make sure you don’t regret it later? How am I supposed to end this love without a divorce?
Probably many people have similar contradictions, after all, the world is too much temptation.


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