The days of the two-month internship passed in a hurry. When the semester started in September, Yutian and I went back to our respective schools to finish our final studies. One day, Yutian came to my school, mysteriously said that there was a surprise for me, and then took out a beautifully wrapped scrapbook from the bag and shoved it into my arms: “For you, open it.” “Dedicated to my favorite girl – Dream Yan”, several red letters on the cover wake up the eyes. Page by page, there are advertisements that he and I have completed together, and beside the advertisements are his perceptions of life and his observations of me. As I watched, my initial surprise gradually turned into emotion and tears blurred my eyes. However, he was very serious and said to me with the most serious expression in his life, “Meng Yan, I like you very much. Please be my girlfriend!”

“Girlfriend? ! But this year I am a senior, you graduate three, there is a year we will graduate, and you are destined to leave Shanghai, before this I also think for a long time, I know you like me, in fact, I am not? But the thought of our graduation day makes me sad I have been afraid to face the fact.”

“If, in the beginning, we know when the relationship will end, imagine if we met early and started dating early, what’s the difference between the time we spent together and the relationship we have during this time?” As long as we cherish the time together in the future, do not quarrel, and agree to break up until the graduation day. But isn’t it a good idea to want to have something and not to last forever? ” I clearly felt that Yutian looked at me with deep feeling, and he held out his left hand, waiting with hope…

I was silent, and after a minute — the longest minute of my life — I held out a hand and said, “I’m your girlfriend from now on until we graduate, and we fall out of love together.”

He took my hand firmly.

If a love knew the end date from the beginning, what would love be like?

For us, we knew the end at the beginning of the relationship, although we also dreamed of happily entering the palace of marriage. However, the cruel reality is coldly in front of us – I am a girl born in Shanghai, loved by my parents since childhood, but I am weak and ill, can not leave my parents to live in a different place, and he has to go back to work after graduation.

But none of this prevented us from having a wonderful love, and we appreciated the time we spent together even more because of it. Now looking back on the days of love like a glass of wine intoxicating heart. The life of graduates is leisurely, and the two schools we are in are only half an hour on foot, so the first thing every morning when I open my eyes is to send each other a message, determine the arrangement of the day, and then meet to eat together, look up information in the library to write a graduation thesis, watch a movie, and hang out everywhere. The school’s vagina, the dining room, all left a lot of good memories and a lot of photos. He treated me with great care and kindness. Knowing that I was weak and ill and afraid of cold in winter, he brought a quilt of his own to my bedroom, but he was cold sick.

He said that from the first moment he saw me, he found that I was the kind of girl he liked, gentle and kind, lively and cheerful, but the bone is perseverance, is a typical and different “Shanghai girl”. He said more than once: “Although I can’t give you a lifetime promise, but at least now I am willing to give you joy and happiness, you are my last and most beautiful memory in Shanghai.”

Winter vacation, Yutian returned to his hometown for the New Year, which is also the first time since he and I fell in love. Although we keep in touch through various ways every day, SMS, Internet, telephone became the center of winter vacation life, but vaguely I always feel uneasy and anxious, I know that sooner or later to face the day of separation, and now seems to be the precursor of that day. I once told my parents that I wanted to go to the north, and my family did not agree, listing a lot of reasons, such as being weak and sick and not being able to adapt to the northern climate, and you simply cannot take care of yourself without your parents around.

Fast forward to spring, and the day of graduation is drawing near. The sadness of parting enveloped the whole campus, everywhere is not giving up, everywhere is tears. Most of the couples who fall in love at school also break up, just a month, there are already two girls in the dormitory suffered the fate of “graduation break up”, and I also began to worry about my love. Yutian treated the upcoming separation with his usual silence, we still walked the campus as usual, still would go shopping, watch movies, but no one said goodbye to each other, do not mention the future.

Day by day, every day of life boring and fulfilling, I still returned to the original understanding of Yutian advertising company internship, everything has not changed, and everything has changed. Into the familiar office looked at a familiar face, but I tried to look for his appearance, the past scenes emerged in my mind, sober only to find that everything is in vain.

The day of parting will come sooner or later, and I can even count it down clearly from day to day. It seemed that the whole world came to a screeching halt in that instant, a prophecy that would never be shattered. While waiting for the offer of employment nervously, it is also painful to decide their own love… Although some strong people hold on to their love when they are separated, many lovers break up in this context, even without much explanation and language. In each other’s tacit waiting, the graduation date is approaching day by day, and finally understand that no matter what kind of romance can not resist the cruelty of reality.

That night, he and I ran hand in hand on the school playground, round and round, until the inability to move half a step – because no matter how to catch up with the pace of time. Maybe it’s just a blink of an eye, and the person in your hand is thousands of miles away. And that kind of unforgettable nostalgia and pain, how much sweat and tears can be excreted clean! I don’t understand, can distance stop all love?

I am not willing to break up like this, but one of Yutian’s brothers told me that Yutian is a child who grew up in a single-parent family, and his father left his mother at an early age, and now, his son is the mother’s only reliance. Even if he had the chance to return to Shanghai after working at the school for four years, he would have chosen not to because he could not leave his mother and come back alone.

In another month he will leave Shanghai to return to the original school work, according to the agreement, it seems that it should also be the end of this relationship, but we really want to be lovelorn together after graduation? ! Where is our love going?


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