Subtract the date of your and his/her birthday (regardless of the month), that is, reduce the number with a large number… The difference is just a few

For example, number 24 minus 18 =6

< Below are the analysis results >

0: Best partner 80 points

You are the same idea lovers, but because the homogeneity is too high, sometimes a little boring, medicine to create more fun of life, say more sweet words to each other

1: Love at first sight 85 points

You can’t stop seeing each other. What are you waiting for?! It is better to act now than to move

2: Use each other 35 points

When two people love each other they will evaluate the benefits of love each other, once there are disadvantages, the relationship is over

3: Mutual suspicion 25 points

One party is extremely suspicious, the other party has a wind and wind, will go to the worst place to think, the other party and lazy explanation, so on, sooner or later break up

4: Beautiful Encounter 70 points

Two people meet by chance, like-minded, and then fall in love, the more they look at each other

5: Master/servant relationship 60 points

Both sides need to understand that love is trust and mutual dependence, love to turn a corner

6: Lucky couple 90 points

At the beginning of a relationship, it will bring good luck to each other, to love each other, the relationship will be long

7: Put up with each other 45 points

They don’t like each other, sometimes expressing their dissatisfaction with each other in a tongue-in-cheek way, but they still tolerate each other to continue their relationship

8: First sweet and then bitter 55 points

The man will please the woman in time, so that girls feel good sweet, everything has the man to help share, but sometimes things will be extreme, feel as if they have no value

9: It seems to be nearly 60 points away

The two sides have different personalities and different ideas, but they can become lovers, and both sides need to give and take to live a sweet life

10: Bickering couples 25 points

They are a bickering couple who often disagree with each other, and it is a miracle that they have stayed together for so long

11: Plain see true 80 points

The relationship between two people is a long flow, the possibility of a good ending is high

12: Doormat 15 points

One side is very emotional and tends to ignore people, the other side needs a good temper to endure

13: Like love is not love 50 points

The two sides have different values, but they are super attractive to each other, and there is a fresh feeling in the early days, but the long-term solution still depends on hard work

14: No match 10 points

Two people like water and fire, eight poles can not hit, I do not know how to walk together, a moment of brilliance does not represent eternity

15: Sister lover 70 points

The woman is not confident, everything to the boyfriend as a dependency, all to the boyfriend, sometimes let the other party feel a little annoying

16: Strong and weak combination 45 points

The man is the leader, and the woman is willing to be a little bird dependent woman

17: The breakup ended 20 points

Two people can’t find the same point, break up sooner or later, the only remedy is to trust each other completely

18: Obsessed lover 30 points

The man said the moon is square, the woman also nodded yes, simply love to irrational at all

19: Aspirant couple 80 points

Two people can encourage each other, have self-motivated, happiness is just around the corner

20: Change of heart is inevitable 45 points

Love will accommodate each other, once the change of heart can not be saved

21: Sin 15 points

Two people together like a worm apple will rot sooner or later, unless someone is willing to compromise everything

22: Perfect lover 85 points

As soon as the woman sees the man, she will be overwhelmed by the other side’s rich knowledge and life experience, and they will love each other without hesitation

23: Early departure early good 5 points

It must be God who wants you to be together, and there is no future for your relationship

24: Lying lover 65 points

Although they are lovers, they do not tell the truth, and they know each other’s details, when can they confess

Super perfect Zweiwei marriage pairing is born a pair or happy friends a lifetime love fortune total diagnosis!

25: Friends 15 points

The relationship between the two can not be said to be love, can only be said to be mutual respect for friends, the process of getting along like boiled water

26: Happy enemy 55 points

As soon as the couple meet, they fight, the more the better, but sometimes we need to learn to respect each other

27: The best match in the world 80 points

The best couple combination, enviable, both people think about each other, appreciate each other

28: Violent couple 30 points

The two are always noisy, sometimes not only export hurt, but also punch each other, feelings like walking a tightrope like instability

29: On and off 60 points

The road of love is many twists and turns, and the day is on and off with the lover, and sometimes there may be a triangle relationship, which causes friends around to worry about you

30:80 points of transcendence

Although no one thinks much of your relationship, you enjoy it and enjoy every minute of it


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