In order to let the flower of love bloom forever, you need to pay your true feelings, you need to sincerely understand each other, and always think about the true love you should pay, but you need to use wisdom to maintain, use reason to cultivate, and use appropriate methods to water. That way, his love for you will always be around you.
One day, a woman asked a man, “What is the highest level of love?” The man thought for a moment and said, “It is life and death. You think, a person can die for another person, sacrifice the most important thing in life, is not the highest state of love?”
The woman nodded and then shook her head. At the beginning, she also thought so, because many of the most heroic love will always be linked with life and death, those love through the ages are not life and death, in short, the most sad.
However, those emotional love has never appeared. More earthly love but only ordinary love and hate, sadness and happiness.
“What did you say?” Man ask
The woman smiled, “It’s habits. When you get used to the habits of a person’s life, you really fall in love with him.”
Love is a person to another person’s habit of identification, love to the highest realm is to identify with his habits. A woman used to a man’s snoring, never adapted to the habit and then can not sleep without his snoring, this is love; A man is used to a woman’s willfulness, pettishness, and even vexatious, troublemaking, this is love; A person will change for another person, to accommodate, this is love. The philosophy of love is sometimes so simple, in the little bits of life.
If you can not always adapt to a person, adapt to all his habits, it only means that you do not love him, or you have not yet reached the realm of love, because love is in these details. When you are used to all the habits of your lover, such as the smell of tobacco in his clothes, such as his clean shirt, such as he wakes up in the middle of the night to watch football, if you are used to these things, then don’t ask such silly questions about what love is.
Love, sometimes is so simple, simple, like a cup of boiled water around us, reach out, drink, although tasteless, it is a necessity in life. Annie Baby said: “Not love him, but love the days with him.” Habit is the ultimate belonging of love, and perhaps the highest state of love.


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