I’m sure we all have a first date experience, but do you know what the rules are? Don’t be careless, this is very important!

First, dress up too casual or too exaggerated

No one wants to show up to a date in ripped jeans (especially one that hasn’t been washed in weeks) and a crumpled, dried pickle T-shirt. Dressing appropriately is a sign of respect for each other. If you dress too casually and without embellishment when you meet for the first time, you are telling each other that you don’t care about the date at all. Unless the date place has a special dress code (such as high-end restaurants, concert halls, etc.), it is not necessary to wear too formal (such as a full suit) or too gorgeous (all bling), so that people feel that you are serious, or expensive, difficult to get close to.
For men, consider a collared casual wear (POLO shirt) or a casual style shirt (striped or simple geometric pattern) with plain pants and dark leather shoes; Women can try a simple one-piece dress or a two-piece dress. Don’t wear too many pieces of jewelry, or the style is too big and exaggerated. In addition, some small details are often ignored, but it is easy to affect others’ impression of you. This includes:

  1. Messy or sticky hair with too much styling agent.
    2, a piece of oil, let people see your eyes do not wear glasses lenses.
  2. Untrimmed, exposed nose hair.
  3. Hair falling from the shoulders and flakes of dandruff.
  4. Between the dark pants and shoes, a pair of harsh white socks emerged.
  5. Women wear yarn stockings on their legs.
  6. Long, dirty nails, or mottled, peeling nail polish.
  7. Finally, don’t think people can’t see your soiled, badly deformed shoes.

Two, late, but also desperately looking for excuses

No matter what you’re going to — a meeting, a job interview, an appointment — being late is a big no-no. Most people associate latecomers with negative personality traits such as untrustworthiness, irresponsibility, and lack of self-discipline. Besides, everyone’s time is precious, and who wants to waste it on someone who can’t even manage basic punctuality?
There is also a situation www.88mylove.com that makes people more angry, that is, being late does not apologize first, but pulls a bunch of excuses to get away with being late.
If you really have to be late because of unavoidable emergencies, you should call the other party on the road first, don’t let him (her) wait until impatient, but call to ask you when you can go to the appointment?
It is better to arrive five minutes earlier than the appointed time, so that you can catch your breath and clean up your appearance, rather than showing up at the last second in a hurry.

Three, foaming at the mouth only talk about their own business

Dating is about letting two people get to know each other through chat and interaction, but how do you get to know him or her if you are the only one foaming at the mouth throughout the whole process, and don’t let the other person have the opportunity to speak and express their ideas? Or it could make the other person think you’re a narcissist who loves www.88mylove.com and is only interested in yourself. Some people are so nervous that they hide it by talking all the time, but that’s not a good idea.
Gender experts recommend that you think of something to ask or talk to your partner about before you go on a date. When you ask a question to the other person, after the other person has answered, you can talk about your own thoughts on the same question. As you listen to what the other person is saying (or answering your questions), let yourself catch your breath and think about what else you can talk about next.

  1. Constantly talking about former male (female) friends or ex-husbands (wives)

Get it straight! Who are you dating right now?
You should be concerned about the person in front of you, and the content of the conversation should help you get to know each other more. If you keep dwelling on a previous relationship that ended, it will only make people wonder if you’re stuck in the past and not ready or sincere enough to start a new relationship.

  1. Complaining constantly

Some people speak, three words are always complaining, from family, boss, colleagues, friends to the family dog, as if the whole world is sorry for him. This kind of head is full of negative thoughts, no one should want to spend more time with him (her). Moreover, the other person takes the time to date you, is to get to know you as a person, and enjoy a pleasant dating atmosphere, and is not forced to accept a pile of your emotional garbage.

  1. Ask about personal privacy

Who wants a whole investigation on their first date? Personal financial information such as salary, savings, real estate, etc. are personal and not suitable for the first meeting to become a conversation topic, otherwise the other person may wonder whether you want to be with him or his property. In addition, personal health and family conditions, women’s age, weight, etc. are also best not to be discussed. There are so many other things you can ask the other person, such as interests, work, usual leisure activities, etc., why touch the mine the first time you meet?

Absent-minded, looking around

When the other party is speaking, maintain appropriate eye contact and nod, which means that you are paying attention to what he (she) is saying, which is a basic respect for the other party.
Do not listen to him (her) talk, while the eyes wander, the eyes are pulled away by the hot girls walking by, or frequently look at the watch and call, looking like a reaction to want to end the date early. Perhaps, before you open your mouth, the other side will get up and say to you: “I’m sorry, I just thought of something, let’s end here today!” “

  1. Avoid contentious topics

Politics, religious beliefs, gender issues, etc., are more likely to trigger arguments between two people, and gender experts suggest that it is best not to take these topics on the first date, so as not to provoke an unprovoked war on the spot, and as a result, it is completely unable to achieve the purpose of understanding each other through conversation.

  1. You don’t have enough cash on you to pay bills

Credit card ads always say that a card can go anywhere, but you’ll still run into places where you have to fork out cash. In order to avoid the embarrassing scene of not being able to find the ATM and forcing the other person to put money for you first, it is best to count the cash in your wallet before you go out to meet the cost of the date.
By the way, foreign studies have found that when a person goes out often penniless, accustomed to pay by card, or every time he pays, he is in a hurry to withdraw money, which may make others think that you are a dependent person.
As for who pays for the first date? Gender experts suggest that it is appropriate to share expenses, but do not insist on “going Dutch” on every bill. Instead, both parties should pay for different expenses, such as the man paying for the dinner and the woman paying for the movie tickets, or you can say: “Thank you for this dinner, I’ll buy you dinner next time.” “Of course, the premise is that you would like to meet the other person again.

  1. You are too eager to develop a relationship

Although “love at first sight “” this kind of thing can indeed happen, but only the first time to meet the other person, the rush to “” trap “” may provoke him or her to panic and tell you: “” Thank you, no more contact.” “And then run away, forfeiting the possibility of further interaction. In fact, there is still a long time! We both need more opportunities to get to know each other better and determine how we feel about each other. Slow down a bit and focus on how to manage your next date.


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