If I were a rule-following person, I would send her roses. She doesn’t like flowers, and of course she doesn’t like roses. But last year’s love people’s day I clearly saw something called envy from her eyes. But I don’t think I’d send her a bunch of roses, just a single rose, or a carload or a boatload, if you know what I mean.
If I were a sweet person, I would give candy. My girlfriend likes candy, which is why I think of candy. I really appreciate the creative confectioners, because not only are the sweets delicious, but the packaging is beautiful. Thinking of college, a boy in order to pursue a girl, once put candy and a variety of strange shaped erasers in a glass jar with lucky stars in advance, I do not know why to send erasers, and I do not know why the girl was not impressed.
Love Poem:
If I were a person who had no money for flowers and was too lazy to calculate, I would… You know what happens to me. “Poetry” is a very mysterious thing. Don’t think I said it wrong, miss very metaphysical, this read poetry is more metaphysical. “Heaven and earth together, but dare to be separated from the king” seems too sad, I prefer “I would like to be a lamb, with you, I would like you to take a thin whip every day, gently hit me.” Of course, if I could make up a better song of my own, I wouldn’t need this.
If I were a millionaire, I would have Valentine’s Day dinner with her, by candlelight, of course. The black dress, the white dinner cloth, and the silver tableware set off the bright roses. The romantic violin pours out the tickling notes of the heart, and during the meal, she takes out the necklace engraved with her name and gives it to her and puts it on for her. It’s already engraved, and in case you break up, you can’t get it back, and of course people don’t care if they’re rich, so I’ll stop thinking, this gift is the most boring.
If I were a smart person, I’d give her a ring. Gold is too tacky, diamonds are too expensive, send white gold, a small circle, first to trap her again. Don’t get me wrong, the ring is not a trap, even if it is, this love the trap is not good? If white gold is not good, then send ivory, looks classy.
If I were a very fashionable person, I would give her perfume. Because I’ve heard that the scent track is the thing that lasts the longest in a person’s memory. Unfortunately, my knowledge of perfumes is limited, so I can surprise her when I figure it out. Since then, I have been able to revel in this familiar smell.
If I were a little hot-blooded young man, I would make a homemade card for her. I like this one, like a young girl in love sewing her dowry. It’s enough that this card, which has no financial value whatsoever, will be appreciated by someone I love
If I were someone who understood a girl’s mind, I would give her toys. Preferably something fuzzy, like Ted Bear or Garfield. Every time I saw them, she would exaggerate and scream at these cute things, and I never mind, because I love her. It’s kind of like a birthday present, but what does it matter if it’s not about wooing her?
If I were a romantic and attentive person, I would give her records. It is a wonderful thing to revel in the music we both like. I hope she will not kiss me because she is too moved, because you know my concentration is not very good.
If I were a ridiculous person, I’d pack myself up and give it to her. She once said that I was the best gift God had ever given her, and do you know how touched I was? So, I can stop being sloppy and design myself after her favorite image and wear a little of her favorite perfume. Everything is ready. Before knocking on her door, tie a bow on your head with the prepared ribbon, because you must not forget that now I am a Valentine’s gift.


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