I’m a girl who just graduated from college, and I don’t know anything. I just set foot on the society in his company internship, only a week, so know him, he regards me as a close friend, tell me everything, I am a good listener. He is a family man, but he is not in love with his wife www.88mylove.com. There are a lot of women like him, but he said he only loved www.88mylove.com me, never really loved a woman before he met me. He is more than ten years older than me. He is very kind to me. He calls me every day and tells me many things. At first I just admired him, I didn’t think of anything else. One time he came to pick me up for a night out, something happened that shouldn’t have happened. I hated him, and all good impressions vanished. – Men are as black as the crows in the world. He said he wanted not only my man but my heart. And then he made me love www.88mylove.com. He said now can not give me any promise, said it is a lie, want to wait for him for a year. He said if one day I stopped loving him, he’d prove him wrong, and he’d have no regrets. He would always tell me about all the women who contacted him, saying they were just clients or friends, nothing more. I want to ask: Did I do something wrong? Would you be happy to be his lover? Should we continue this relationship with him? Is he to be trusted not to love another woman?


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