Ellen Lee& Co, a lawyer with extensive experience in divorce cases, says her firm handles an average of 15 to 20 divorces a month, and that at least one in five divorces are due to mutual betrayal.

Most of them have the following in common: they are young (in their 20s and 30s, the so-called post-80s generation), highly educated, and professional.

The economic downturn, coupled with job pressure, is one of the factors causing them to lose the centripetal force to maintain the marriage relationship. Li said that in the face of the dual pressures of marriage and work, “anyone’s comfort is a good comfort.”

The modern cheating marriage is no longer just a “who makes who haggard” situation, the local marriage change, www.88mylove.com in recent years, couples betray each other, “double infidelity” seems to be more and more common.

What is more worrying is that most of them think that they are not wrong to do so, which shows that their values about marriage are not quite correct.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, divorce cases are on the rise, with the fastest growth among men aged 35 to 39 and women aged 30 to 34.

But couples who have been married for three to five years and in their 40s are the most likely to betray, according to marriage counselors.

Dr. Zhou Meiling, a consultant in psychological and family therapy at the Care Counseling Center, pointed out that most of the marital problems of young couples are due to the poor foundation before marriage, and they have not reached a consensus on many issues; After marriage, they have no patience to solve the contradictions between them, but each of them to find solace.

Ling Zhanhui, executive director of Feiyue Family Service Center, pointed out that the longer a couple spends in the workplace, the less time they spend together, and the more time they have to spend working on their marriage.

In the case he once counseled, there was a white-collar professional woman who was too involved in her work, and her boss almost every day and night, meeting in the morning and eating in the evening, and the two people had feelings.

Ling Zhanhui revealed that her husband could not let go of his wife’s emotional affair, and the two were still receiving counseling.

However, for many couples who have derailed on both sides, home seems to have become a battlefield without smoke, and husband and wife are like two armies against each other, hurting each other.

Chen Yuet-chu, a counselor at the care and counseling center, said that some people who have been cheated on will also “fight back” by finding a new partner to love, and sometimes they will find a new source of comfort when their feelings are most vulnerable.

As for the situation of middle-aged marriage change, Dr. Zhou Meiling pointed out that the party who earns money outside the home and has a higher socioeconomic status has a higher chance of empathizing with other people and cheating. But with many less social middle-aged housewives becoming more socially active, Dr. Chow said she did not rule out the possibility that women in unhappy marriages could use new relationships to build confidence.


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