My sophomore year, Millet fell in love – I didn’t realize that this guy was so much more precocious than me, and at that time I was not even afraid to ballroom dance with boys at the New Year’s Eve party, and she began to fall in love. I remember that day was the weekend, I was still sleeping in the clouds, the annoying phone call like a sudden rain. Left millet with that because of excessive surprise and serious mutation of the voice, narrated to me how the handsome man said to her “I love you”. After listening to me angrily said to her, you are happy a big ghost head ah! With a boyfriend, my best friend will be kicked off as a tablecloth! She said, how? How many years have we been friends? How many days has he been? If it really develops, it is also friendship on the left, love on the right, holding one hand, no one falls behind. Don’t want to talk to her nonsense, just yell at her, talk about your big head love, let me sleep for a while!

After graduation, I came to Hangzhou, and Millet chose to take the entrance exam. Millet said, Feifei, which school do you say I test good, South University, or Zhejiang University? — Her boyfriend went to Nanjing after graduation. I thought about it and said, whatever you want! This is the time when revolutionary soldiers are put to the test. Results Left millet withstood the test, she chose Zhejiang University. But this doesn’t mean anything, maybe people are savoring the beauty of distance, it’s not far anyway!

After two years, I fell in love and got married step by step, while Left millet was still in love and studying.

In May this year, Zuo Mi’s graduate studies ended, she was ready to continue to study for a doctorate, but then trouble came. The boyfriend who has been in love with her for 5 years said “I love you” to another girl, which is careless but also simple millet did not expect. That night, she called me sobbing, crying like a ghost. I said, Mick, why do you still stink like a kid? He does not want us, we also look up to him, is not a small undergraduate Chen Shimei, we millet in the future is to be a post-doctoral wife! Millet don’t cry, let’s listen to music, what do you like to listen to? Millet is very good to stop crying: “Backstreet boys?” So I played Backstreet Boys music to her, and talked to her from time to time, and at midnight, I went to sleep to see that she was no longer sad.

One night, half a month later, when I was wandering around the Internet, I suddenly found that millet that had been barren blog has been updated, a closer look, she actually hid here alone sad, this just remembered millet did not call me for a long time.

Weekend, my husband ready to take me to see the Pompeii doomsday exhibition, I said call millet, this guy alone sad, too poor. The husband said, okay! So, I called millet, strange is that I called two people did not answer. Then the husband smartly said: “She won’t answer your call.” I gave him a white look and continued to dial, but the hateful left millet did not give me face. I put my phone down and said, “She went to the bathroom and she didn’t have her phone with her.” The husband smiled proudly and said, “Do you have the courage to test your strong friendship?” I suggest you dial a number you don’t know, and she’ll pick up as soon as you dial.” Don’t believe me. I’ll test it at a roadside store. I said, millet, let’s go to see the Pompeii exhibition! Millet replied, “I can’t, I have to attend a seminar immediately.”

However, later, I saw Millet’s comments on the Pompeii exhibition on the blog, and my heart immediately filled with a sense of frustration. My husband was right, again, that she wasn’t going to the seminar and that she didn’t want to go with me was true.

She was still alone in her grief, in that corner where she thought no one could see, and I didn’t know what to say. Perhaps for everyone, love stands at the same Angle, it blocks all the line of sight. When love leaves, the person also loses the whole world. In fact, it should be love before friendship. When injured, friendship can occasionally rely on one, but it can not brilliant sky. After thinking for a long time, I finally left a message on her blog: Friendship has been standing behind you! Whether it cheered her up or not, I think she would understand that some people really want her to be happy!


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