1. Men have sex www.88mylove.com at a longer age than women. Although men have a shorter life expectancy than women, they have an advantage when it comes to sex.
    2, the elderly can also have normal sex. It can even reach orgasm; Some elderly people get sexual pleasure through caressing, kissing and other ways.
    3, men feel more guilty after sexual life derailment, female human feelings www.88mylove.com love to lose temper after derailment.
  2. Reserved women are more likely to capture a man’s heart. Women’s sexual reserve is a biological expression in order to find a good partner. Men like to take the initiative in order to prove that they are brave enough to face challenges.
  3. Men who are sexually active (especially frequent masturbation) in their 20s and 30s have a greater risk of prostate cancer. However, this risk will decrease with age, and after the age of 50, men insist on a small amount of sex, which can help prevent prostate cancer.
  4. Sex and happiness go hand in hand. Women who have good sex are happier, regardless of their age. Whether sex makes women happier, or whether happy women are more sexually active, is unknown.


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