In the face of such feelings, how should I choose the future. I tried to find that he was good to me, but in the end was disappointed, all the fantasy and romance in his past are in vain, we seem to have no common interests and love well, he likes playing games almost ignore my existence, I can not accept a person who does not care about my feelings, a man in my imagination should be like the sea, bearing, tolerance, Calm, can give me enough sense of security rather than looking at, let my heart is at a loss, looking at him, I am more helpless. Sometimes it really kills me. In his eyes, what I do is taken for granted, women are born to serve her husband, do housework at home, smile, I take such a man to do what. And he always asks me what I’m doing with you. I was speechless and wanted to jump out of the car at that moment. We have been together for a year, the first half of the year we lived in a rented cabin, every day to and from work together, the life is still sweet, every day after work, I will take the initiative to cook, he will directly open the computer, play games, at that time, I never, without a word of complaint, do a good meal and take the meal to ask him to eat quickly, after eating in play, time can really change a person, And such days gradually I am a little tired, for him, I am tired, every day is so, never love me a little, will not go to the kitchen to help you, even if the initiative to do a meal for me to eat. From then on, my heart is a little unbalanced, a little angry, I will start to talk about him, do you love me? How do you not love me at all, now this is how to do in the future. Later, I took the initiative to help me in the kitchen, I thought he understood me, but I saw his face was not happy, and he always talked with me. At that moment, all my appetite was gone. There is only one word in my heart that is constantly repeated, this man is not reliable. Later, I proposed to break up, but after a few days and good again, friends said that I am a person who can not stand sweet words.

Later, his mother asked me not to rent a house outside, and asked me to move to their home, I did not agree, but still frequently enter their home. Her mother is very kind to me and likes me very much. I am glad to find that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not as bad as ordinary people think, because we get along very well.

At home, I can feel that everyone takes him as a treasure, he is a big young master, never do anything at home, lying on the sofa when he comes home from work to watch TV, when eating to call for a long time to eat, every day, I see my heart is very angry. I remember he told me that his mother said to find a girlfriend to find brothers and sisters, that girl is more hard-working, I now understand, is to find a can serve him. I can’t cook, I can’t wash my clothes, I can’t clean the table after dinner, I can’t do everything at home anyway. A man like that is really in a hurry. If two people who really love each other will not be like this, they should respect and care for each other. It’s not about who should do it and who shouldn’t. Even this does not understand the man, really have what to think. Will I ever be happy?

The first time I went to his house, I volunteered to help in the kitchen and put away dishes. My parents told me it was polite of me.

Now I won’t, the pride of a woman alive is to have a husband who loves him dearly. He even the least distressed woman will not, how to get along together. I’m not bad. I’m not low enough to wait on you every day. I am at a loss, such a situation I will not guarantee that I will be willing to put on a wedding dress for him, maybe I will run away.

Women, to be a princess rather than a servant girl, only to see their own heavy, others will respect you.


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