How much does it take to love someone? Should you hold back when you love someone?

Kelly and Yingying love, has been seen as a match made in heaven, it is no wonder, Kelly handsome and Yingying beauty, and are white-collar, many people think that their love will be very happy.

Unfortunately Yingying too value love, so whether in work, or in life, always like to control Kelly, she believes that love a person should know everything about him, his life as their own life. But all this disgusted Kelly. He prefers to be alone, unfettered life, although he also loves Yingying, but he is more willing to love, work, life are not delayed. However, since and Yingying love, his life order is completely disrupted, before the weekly spare time, he has arrangements, after love, he decided to take half of the spare time out of love, but Yingying dont. She believes that Kelly’s spare time should be entirely his own, and if Kelly is not willing to, she will suspect that he has a new love, making Kelly complain. There is no time to chat and drink with old friends, no time to play online games, no time to go to the favorite pool city to play snooker, and no time to swim and climb mountains when you are interested. Because of all this, Yingying does not like. In fact, sometimes they also seem very boring together, and not every date will return, but Yingying regardless.

It wasn’t until Kelly’s mother said to Kelly, “Son, you haven’t had a meal in a month, have you?” He was surprised to find himself in this month actually every day with Yingying together, some guilt in the heart, so find Yingying, indicating that dating or some moderation, but who knows Yingying said: “I am not the same not at home to eat, hum!” We’re in a relationship. Of course we are. Do you want to stop seeing me? That’s your excuse. Kelly dont know how to answer, Yingying asked again: People are thinking about you every day, but you dont want to see me, do you not like me?

Until the break up Yingying just know, the original pay and return will never be proportional, which makes her abide by the concept of love, outlook on life face collapse. She used to think that as long as you really love a person and devote yourself to him 100 percent, you will change back to a good love, but Kelly told her with action: Love a person or have reservations.

Finally, after three months of dating, Kelly couldn’t take it anymore and decided to break up. He hopes that his future girlfriend can be rational about love, sometimes love to the extreme may not be a good thing.

If you can be sure that she truly loves you, you can give completely without reservation. But when you are not 100% sure of his heart, it is best not to give completely, because then you will be easily hurt.


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