How do I know if my husband is cheating? How do you know your husband is having an affair? If you love your husband, even if you know he changes his heart, do not panic. Because the third party usually takes advantage. This article only introduces how to know if your husband is having an affair

If you say that the man you love is carrying you and another MM hot, and did not propose to break up with you, then he only desperately cover up, cover up, lie, lie. But no matter how seamless he is, there will be clues. No need to look covetously, use a little wisdom can find out if he is really cheating on you…

Cheating phenomenon # 1: Your expenses suddenly increase
After the affair, in order to win the favor of the girl, eating candlelight dinner, sending roses, drinking coffee is necessary, which can reflect a man’s gentleman demeanor and romance. What is romantic? It’s about wasting credit card numbers slowly with a girl, making it less variable. This is the love love field men required course, trivial, this small expenses are unable to withstand, which girls are willing to be romantic with you? Why should people play a game with you, a married man, which will not have an ending and will not have a famous love game? Meet a girl with high material requirements, a house, a sports car, can not be less.
Men in order to keep this period of love and romance, had to save money. In the past, the money generously given to the wife is now even if the amount will be handed to her, but how much in the heart is not willing to? Only he knows. If a man has no extra income, he will usually use various excuses not to give his wife the full amount of his salary; If there is extra income, men will not be as stupid as before – not to leave all the money to the wife. Some men even stop smoking and drinking.

Cheating phenomenon # 2: Working overtime
A man who has an affair has to take time out of his work to be with his lover, appreciate the ecstasy and beauty of the soft jade, and naturally cannot go home on time to be with his wife. Of course, the wife will call, text, and ask the man why he is not home so late, and who he is with.
Men usually say, “Working overtime.”
At first, my wife also asked me to remember to eat dinner at work. However, with the amount of overtime, the wife will become suspicious. The man will immediately make a face of grievances: I work so hard, overtime, not for you and the child’s life a little better? Or, I stay at home with you every day, and you make money to support me!
When most wives hear this sentence from men, they will have a kind of self-blame mentality, thinking that they have misunderstood their husband.
The man saw his wife dispel the idea of doubting him, honestly go home to accompany his wife several times, make her happy, and continue to work overtime outside.

Cheating # 3: Socializing too much
These days, men with a little skill like to socialize outside. For men, social intercourse is respectable and beautiful, as if the absence of social intercourse is not enough to prove a man’s ability, not enough to prove his career success.
Women, for the most part, like men who can socialize.
Most of these men can earn money and bring enough material security to her and her children’s lives.
As a result, smart men will wear the dress of entertainment and develop extramarital affairs in public. When his wife began to resent his ceaseless socializing outside every night, the man had more adequate reasons than anyone else: You think I would like to do so, and then to great uncle brother – wife’s own brother as an example, go home every day after work, less than 1,000 yuan a month, buy daily necessities are always looking for street goods, eat thrift, or not enough to save the cost of the child’s college, the wife scolded him every day is a beggar. Is that the kind of man you want me to be? If you want, I’ll stay home after work from tomorrow, cook for you, do the dishes, do the laundry.
The wife heard, immediately no electricity, before hanging up the phone, but also gently told the man: eat more vegetables, drink less.
The man picked up the line, that joy, with a little wisdom to the wife’s heart to fix.

Cheating sign # 4: Absentmindedness
Back at home, no matter what he does, he is nervous, especially sensitive to the phone ringing, and refuses to answer the phone in front of his wife, if his wife asks him what is the matter, he will deny it with an outrageous attitude – what can I do? Are you doubting me? When this happens, you can tell you with great certainty that he is outside and has a “situation.”
As the old saying goes, the heart is selfless, a man who has no secret outside, at home, will calmly face all the phone calls, will not be absent-minded, and will not be rude to his wife’s inquiry.

Cheating phenomenon 5: lazy sex
Men also have a biological refractory period, which is a normal phenomenon, but only a few days. Excluding these days, if he is a physiological normal man, if he is always absented in bed, and is indifferent to all your hints, for example, before every time you have sex in the past, you have “foreplay”, but suddenly canceled, for your flirtatory body language, affectionate and charming eyes, he has no reaction. Even sex is routine, sloppy, all about coping, no passion at all. At this time, you should be vigilant, the man’s infidelity often starts from the fatigue of the wife’s body.
The seven-year itch of marriage is mostly a sexual itch. When sex appears tired, it is also the beginning of marriage tired. Men will then be out there deliberately or not looking for women who can bring their passion to burn.

Cheating phenomenon # 6: Friends come forward to prove his innocence
When a man is suspected by his wife of coming home late or often late, he often has his buddies come forward to clarify the facts for him: that day, he was with us, sister-in-law, you absolutely rest assured that my big brother is not that kind of person, I can testify. And swear to assure, is the big brother wants to cheat, we this gang of brothers will not forgive him, marry you so virtuous sister-in-law, if he is not satisfied, dare to other women move crooked heart, see how we repair him.
The truth is, his buddies are all just like him, and they say birds of a feather flock together, and that’s absolutely true. Men outside the flower heart, afraid of backyard fire, the most commonly used trick is to push these friends out as a shield, let his wife believe that although he returns late every night, but absolutely for his wife to keep the body as jade!

Although the above several situations can not 100% prove that your husband is sure to have an affair, but if the above 6 phenomena, he is complete, indicating that your marriage has presented a sub-health state, as a wife, you should pay special attention to how to eliminate the sub-health state in your marriage, How to recover the husband’s gradually indifferent emotion and soul, how to let the marriage into the second honeymoon period, is what you must do.

Never think that a man’s cheating has nothing to do with you.
There are three situations when men cheat: the first is emotional infidelity. The second is physical infidelity. The last is a double affair of the mind and the body. In the first and second cases, you can be forgiven. This man is also within the scope of saving, after a cold war, the marriage will be restored to the original love. That last one, it’s not cheating anymore, it’s outright betrayal. Once a man derails to the last kind, it is estimated that 10 cows can not pull back, this home, sooner or later one day will be dissolved.
Men cheat, and “Rome was not built in a day” is the same truth. Men and women who are deeply in love cannot hold other people in their eyes. It is only when marriage makes a man feel flat and bored that his heart will “stir.”
If you are a smart woman, you can completely wipe out your husband’s “restless” heart in the bud. But the problem is that many women have never realized that their husband’s cheating has anything to do with themselves, and only look for one truth – men don’t have a good thing, eat cake and want to eat pizza.
Cheating has become the number one killer of marriage breakdown today. The reason why the movie Cell Phone has attracted so many Chinese viewers is that the story is as real as if it happened to you. However, it has become a well-known secret that everyone knows it. “Cell Phone” exposes this beautiful lie and makes it public.
Women were the first to make the biggest splash. She is afraid of her man cheating on her, she does not want her man once cheated, the earth knows, only she is still in the dark. Now, judging whether a man is cheating has no need to follow this ancient method, mobile phone records, text messages, MSN chat records, as long as it can be clear. Of course, once this is discovered by the man, it is a layer of frost for the two already fragile emotions. If not, the man’s already wandering heart into the arms of the lover, the loss of the man and folding soldiers, more than worth the loss.
Actually, you don’t have to. If you are a wise wife of ice and snow, there is no need to look covetously, and a nervous posture of Wolf coming all day. From the details of life, little by little in getting along with attention, he has a little “wind and grass” you can see the slightest.
After all, when a man is in love or marriage with you and another woman during the relationship, it is not above board, not on the table, how to say that there is a sense of loss, so do not sneak up or keep lying to cover up the illusion that he is still a good man you do not love.


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