The most direct reason for breaking up with Xiaohama is the difference in age: Xiaohama is 7 years younger than Ayao. Still shortly after they met, Xiao Hama asked Ayao’s age. She had just turned 29 at the time, and “I felt very old, and it seemed like he was asking, and I didn’t have to tell him I was 27.” Small hama listen to do not believe, he thinks a Yao at most twenty-three or four years old, which is also a lot of people on her age judgment. A Yao and asked small hama how big, small hama in order to let people feel he is mature and stable, he said he was 26 years old. He came out as a teenager, and his face is indeed much older than his actual age. So Ayo believed that he was telling the truth. This odd question and answer gives both sides an illusion: if they are friends, the age is still compatible. Since then, Xiao Hama has called or sent messages to Ayao every day, expressing his greetings and concern. At that time, she had just come to Shenzhen, and knew not many fellow villagers and friends, “Every word he said warmed my heart, and my heart opened for him.” Perhaps one is most easily moved when one is lonely.”

At first, although Ayao likes Xiaohama, she mainly treats him as a younger brother in her heart. He rented a suite alone, usually very busy work, life is not regular, dinner is not regular, often until midnight at night to go home. “My job as an administrative assistant in a hotel is not easy either. But when I saw Xiao Hama’s hard work, I felt very distressed.” A Yao every two or three days to take time to clean the room for small hama, soup cooking. She felt that caring for him and reducing his pressure had become an important part of her life.

Soon small hama to change a suite, the day of the move, A Yao specially asked for leave to help him. Can be small beach out early in the morning, the moving car came, a Yao had to a person busy busy outside, command workers loading and unloading. Things moved into the new house, A Yao set up the furniture, clean the house, and buy mops, washing powder and other daily necessities. It’s dark, Xiaohama hasn’t come back yet, and he doesn’t answer the phone. In a hurry, Yao sent him a message, saying: “Home is settled, I am very tired, want to go back to rest.” Xiaohama returned the call, and then rushed back, and the two ate a quick meal together. Send a Yao on the way home, small hama hugged A Yao’s shoulder, but also took her hand. In Ayao’s concept, the boy and the girl hold hands with each other, which means that they are committed.

Xiao hama is still very concerned about the age of a Yao, once he looked at a Yao wallet photo opportunity, see her ID card. Then he also told Ayo his true age. In love, perhaps, neither seems to feel that age is a barrier.

After “holding hands and feeling”, A Yao will love small shore more. In addition to helping him cook and clean, when she lives more, she also helps Xiaohama type and copy, and introduces customers to him.

Ayao’s relatives and friends are opposed to her friends with small Hama, saying that he is still a big boy after all, and will not focus on a woman who is 7 years older than him. But a Yao try to overcome the public opinion, go its own way, a heart and mind and small beach good down, and even the “stick to the last line of defense for many years are open to him.”

The feeling of A Yao singing a one-woman show is generated on some specific events.

A Yao found small hama to spend money for her very stingy. After more than a year together, he had never sent a gift to Ayao. During the summer vacation, Xiaobin’s mother and brother came to Shenzhen from the northeast. One day, the younger brother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. At that time, Ayao also caught a cold. She accompanied her brother in the hospital at night, let small hama go home to sleep, but small hama even a word of thanks did not say.

Xiao Hama’s mother also opposed their relationship, she started from the superstitious point of view, said that the two zodiac, she also said to A Yao: “You are so much older than Xiao Hama, it is OK to be a sister, it is not suitable to be a wife.” The pressure of the family intensified the contradiction between small hama and A Yao. Let A Yao angry is, small hama dont want to solve the contradiction, also dont mention breaking up, just complain for a Yao, make him and the relationship at home.

A woman in love longs for love in return. A Yao took small hama as his only love, she wanted to know small hama how to see her. After a passion, Ayao asked: “Xiao Hama, in your heart, what role am I?” Ohama was silent for a moment and replied, “A sexual partner.” A word said a Yao ashamed, tears streaming down her face. See her uncomfortable look, small hama and quickly apologize, said he is said angry words.

On the evening of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Xiao Hama said, “Ayao, do you think there will be results between us in the future?” Now I feel ridiculous for us to be together. ‘ Yayao felt the word “absurd” hurt her heart like an awl. She began to suspect that Kohama had never really loved her. Years of struggle in society, honed him into a young and old person, his city is much deeper than his peers. Making money is so important to him that he won’t let go of any opportunity to make money, and he won’t spend a dime on it. He wants to let his parents live a good life after half his life, to help his brother finish college, but also to open his own company, buy a house, buy a car… He has too much to do. “He’s probably been using me to make money.”

Think of here, A Yao will make up his mind, completely and small beach broke up. Since then, Xiaohama has called her many times, but she has not answered any of them, she said: “The one-man show of love will definitely end in tragedy, I can’t play it anymore.”


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