The day we met was on his last night out of Beijing.
After having dinner with him, I went to his hotel. I don’t know how I agreed to his invitation at that time, vaguely feeling that something would happen, as if I was looking forward to something.
At first, we were just talking without a theme, and then the words were less and less, and the room was suddenly quiet, so quiet that people were nervous. I thought to myself something was going to happen. It was going to happen. Then he moved closer to me and looked into my eyes with his mesmerizing gaze. My heart was racing. But when he tried to kiss me, I refused.

I should say I liked him, but it was a gut reaction. He asked me if I hated him, and I said no. He smiled and continued to liven things up. After staying for more than an hour, I said it was too late and I had to go back to school. You could tell he was upset. In fact, I am the same, some of the heart is not taste.
I still came out of his room, but before I could get out of the hotel, I found that I had left my phone in his room. I had to turn back. Open the door to see me, he looked a little surprised, I said the phone left in the room, and then look for the phone. The moment he left the room, he suddenly hugged me from behind and began to kiss me. His kiss was suffocating, and although I resisted a little at first, then I gave in.

It was the first time I felt a man’s breath, a man’s wildness, a man’s strength, which simply did not allow me to resist. And my empty heart does need nourishment. I started cooperating with him. It was clumsy, but it was enough to turn him on. He turned off the light and carried me to bed, kissing and touching me all over. I looked through the glass at the stars in the sky, and then at the naked man lying on top of me, and a feeling of nameless pleasure came over me. As his hand reached deep into my thigh, he suddenly asked me, “Has your boyfriend touched you?” I shook my head, and he stopped abruptly and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you hadn’t been touched.” I can’t help seeing you. You’re more beautiful than I expected.” I got dressed immediately and left without saying a word. I suddenly understood that only the husband in the world cares if you are not a virgin, other people want you not to be a virgin is better. They fear responsibility and guilt.


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