The reason why the third party has a chance is because you did not grasp the relationship between you, let her have the opportunity. If you didn’t have a problem with your boyfriend, do you think she would have a chance? The more angry and suspicious you are, the more you push your boyfriend toward that woman. Now you have to calm down, after all, barbarism does not solve the problem, the most important thing is that you have to respect your boyfriend, give him freedom, whether you want to or not, it is your you will not run, it is not your you can not get!
There are spousal adultery and the pursuit of a third party. The third party must be fought. However, how to strike more to the point, this is a learning. Usually seen to deal with the third party, most of the difficult owners of the family to be executed, the method is nothing more than to track the third party, insult, intimidation and other means, but the effect is very poor.
Therefore, to deal with the interference of the third party, we must have a comprehensive approach. The most invisible ruthless move in the art of war is “subduing the army without fighting”. The first question to consider is: In the face of a third party’s provocation, is it necessary to go out on the battlefield? Moreover, even if we fight in person, we should also find out what is the main contradiction, rather than venting all hatred on the third party, it is better to clean up their own LG or LP.
Your spouse is primarily responsible for the success of a third party affair. Catch the king, whether active or passive, the subjective betrayal of the spouse is an opportunity for the third party to attack. My wife is more difficult to deal with than outsiders, so fierce that he simply breaks the pot. Oh, please. The thick-skinned guy thinks you’re easy to bully. The first step is to save the lost spouse, to make him realize that cheating will topple the family, to the pain of the loved ones, to the revenger, and is likely to shorten his life and lose money.
When cleaning up your spouse, you should pay attention to inviting peace rather than encircling and suppressing, and do not cry and interrogate and censure endlessly. The husband and wife seriously talk about, to give the derailer enough respect, people also do not intentionally to change their hearts, or feelings, it is difficult to restrain themselves, or curiosity, to seek sensory stimulation, as long as willing to turn back in time, change the mistake is still a good comrade. In addition, you can hold a grudge against your spouse for cheating, but you must be forgiving until you have completely eliminated the third party. The more generous you are, the more patient you are, the heavier the psychological burden on your spouse, the conscience will make him fidget, such a good love people do not cherish, do not accept the heart, really to be punished.
Therefore, in the marriage defense war, we as snipers, there is no need to fight with the third party. When the foreign enemy invades the most afraid of the nest, so even if you mind how much your spouse’s derailment, before the third party is not completely retired, you should also think about your spouse, respect and love him, try to disintegrate his two hearts, and finally make him believe that you are the best person in the world for him.
It’ll be a lot easier when you’re inside and out. In addition to a few people whose conscience is greatly bad, many third parties are also accidentally and inadvertently into embarrassing situations. To someone else’s husband or wife, knowing that it is against morality and ethics, but love is like a tide, running slowly or incomplete, you may lose the opportunity to save yourself. Most of the third party often single-minded love for a long time, in addition to the final harvest of a tattered reputation and covered in damage, no other benefits, they are also the protagonist of the tragedy, are poor people. Since the same as the end of the world reduced people, meet a smile min enmity, also not too much, fish dead net broken is the most not level.
They’re all adults, they all know the rules of the game, and even if someone else steals it, it’s secondhand, it’s not worth anything. Once you play house together, you know that your opponent, no matter who he is, does not hinder the process of the game. It’s a chilling conclusion, but it’s true. Therefore, to deal with the third party do not have to personally, the key is to unite the spouse, so that the third party feels weak, its attack is naturally not a threat. After a long time, the third party has also been dragged down, he will understand that people in the world there are many things to do, for the love of the labored, or thereby lose dignity, it is not worth it, then natural gong to call off the army.


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