The first category: pea type

This is an old, ugly woman of thirty who has not yet married herself off.

Talented, highly educated. Money, a certain amount of power.

Pea-type women include: female bosses, female government officials, single female academics.

Pea type woman married out one day, her husband is almost a relatively weak man, such as the flow of Gong Hanlin, weak without wind, impotence.

You think, sleeping at night in the arms of a tigress or a hag, a man’s body bones are not ruined, but also frightened.

It’s a natural thing for a pea woman to cheat on her husband.

The job is usually done by a male secretary, a driver, a security guard at the door, or a duck at a nightclub.

The second category: wench type

This is a 27 years old about 3 points of talent 2 points of beauty 3 to distinguish high 2 points of knowledge of the woman, not easily marry themselves out, up for sale.

Graduated from a second-rate college, worked alone. Without background and background, the market consciousness has just woken up and I do not know where to grab money.

Wench type women include: wandering in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other big cities of alternative women.

They are employed by media, advertising agencies and cultural companies as journalists, copywriters, planners and graphic designers.

Although they are not married, they enjoy married treatment, usually spread between more than 3 men.

They are not random women, and it is possible to lure her into bed with an elaborate bouquet of flowers, a flickering candle, and a love poem.

Wench type woman in her husband betrayed her, she will pick an old lover to talk, take the trend to the night does not go home husband quietly put on cuckoldry.

The third category: MM type

This is a 20-year-old girl who is 7 points beautiful, 6 points pure, 7 points gentle and 6 points virtuous, and the people who pursue her are lined up from Yangzhou to Jiangdu.

This is a standard wife and mother type of girl.

The first to get her body is often the street thugs, and the last to marry her is often the honest love of the little clerk.

MM type women include: newspaper editor, company technician.

In fact, her world is very small, in addition to her husband and children, is to sell a stack of votes scattered money, as well as firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea.

The affair has absolutely nothing to do with her, but there are too many people who miss her, and she is afraid of getting married and having children.

Especially the driver who drove with her, the mouth flowed year after year, if you don’t eat her once tofu, isn’t it in vain to be a man?

And the department manager of the bus company and the mechanic covered in oil. She didn’t escape the clutches of the bus company’s general manager after all.

The green hat, along with the medal and prize for the production of the pacesetter, were sent to her husband’s hands, making her honest man happy and sleepless all night.

The fourth category: Xiaoqiong type

In the entertainment world, Xiao Qiong is not pretty; In cultural circles, Xiao Qiong is not a talent.

It should be said that finding a Xiao Qiong girl to be a wife is definitely the greatest happiness in life.

Unfortunately, she became an actress.

Xiao Qiong type of girls include: provincial, municipal, autonomous region cultural department and city level theater actresses around 20 years old, TV hostess, in the entertainment circle of Beijing girls, they are first troupe head, TV station director, director development, enlightenment, and then one by private bosses and government officials captive.

Even if married, with the head, director, director, private boss and government officials still can not get out of the affair.

Since Xiao Qiong type girls are public figures, it is open that such women cuckoldry men, and if men marry Xiao Qiong type girls as wives, 99% of them are raising sons (daughters) for others.

To be an actress, to be an actress, it is best not to get married, circling in the middle of 6 men, with 6 underground husbands (directors, bosses, officials, entertainment, entertainment stars, agents).

To do Xiao Qiong type girl’s husband, a year and a half can be, pay a fresh, the hat is already green, but also pants, tops are green?

The fifth type: eight women

Under 28 years old. Appearance, talent, education, job, income, all envied.

That’s the white collar guy in the media.

The female type includes: IT, bank, accounting firm, law firm senior staff and enterprise professional managers.

They have a great working environment, a great new salary, but they are under double the pressure of work and competition.

Love Love and sex, to them, are like a set menu in a coffee shop, a quick fight in a respectable place. They don’t worry about finding a job, just like they don’t worry about finding a man.

They move from one unit to another as they move from one man’s bed to another.

When and where they cheated on their men, you never know.

I think it’s about the winter, I think it’s about the four seasons of the year.

If you marry a bitch type woman as a wife, the most worried is to give birth to a blonde European bastard or African bastard as black as the pan.

The sixth type: selkie type

Under 30 years old, unmarried.

If you were married before the age of 30, you are probably divorced or in the process of getting divorced.

It’s not a beautiful group of women, but definitely talented, with personality and ideas and a certain amount of fame.

The selkie type women include: female writers, female famous writers, female radio broadcasters, and female freelance writers who come out from the young women in literature.

They have a strong sense of literati since childhood, and their life paths have been illuminated by the presidents of literary societies, newspaper editors, second-rate writers, well-known writers, critics, and chairmen of writers’ associations. These men are the idols they have devoted themselves to at different times.

What matters is that they love these men, even though they are husbands of other women.

The marriage object of a water demon woman is best to be a man outside the circle, it is best to study science and engineering, personality wood na, guilty of serious bulitis.

In this way, the husband of a water demon woman wears a cuckold and does not know, does not feel, and does not dare to put a fart when he knows it.

Besides, this selkie woman usually has a knack for coaxing her husband around.

The seventh category: minor repair type

25 to 28 years old, not willing to be lonely.

They are fashion labels, but they are traditional at heart.

They have a regular job, a steady income, and they are beautiful and talented.

They wear fashionable clothes and carry fashionable bags (often season-bought or knockoffs). They flip through fashionable magazines. They also surf the Internet at and watch others fall in love online.

The occupations of minor women include: female editors of traditional media and publishing houses, female teachers in universities (secondary schools), female civil servants, clerks in state-owned enterprises, and clerks in private enterprises with good profits.

Their pursuit of perfection is often cheated by men’s sweet talk.

They are not willing to find a man who does not understand romance.

In fact, their requirements for their husbands are not harsh: although they can make money, it is not a lot; Busy work does not matter but the wife’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary can not forget, it is best to buy a bunch of flowers and a practical gift to the wife; Take your wife on a trip once a year. I go shopping with them four times a year.

They will create the atmosphere of the home is the same petty bourgeoisie, even the lamps and candles of sex are also flashing petty bourgeoisie.

Small trim women are meant to be spoiled. Unfortunately, the men who understand them are husbands of other women. How do they not cheat on the big men around them? !

Class 8: Lotus type

28 to 35 year old female turtle.

A lotus type of women: they have high IQ, graduated from famous universities in China, studied abroad in Europe and the United States, and are well-informed.

In particular, he has carried earthguns (slept with domestic men) and foreign guns (slept with real foreign devils). I’ve seen every bird in the woods.

They don’t seem to lack for anything. If you have to pick a bone in their chicken balls, then they lack an ordinary warm love.

To be a lotus woman’s man, then you must be a gentleman enough, such as:

One day, you stumble upon your woman sleeping in your bed with another man, and your woman has cheated on you, and you can’t be angry. You shut the door, retire downstairs to smoke, and play with the green hat woven by the female turtle, wondering whether it should be worn on the head or stored in the box.

Category 9: Baby type

25 years old, young, beautiful, avant-garde, open.

They don’t want to be prostitutes and give up their dignity for money; They don’t want to be mistresses and give up their freedom for fame.

They are not lovers in the traditional sense, they are contract lovers of a limited period. Both parties have clear objectives and clear responsibilities and obligations.

Baby type women: In addition to the emerging ethnic professional lovers in Beijing and Shanghai like Annie Baby after 80, they also include the private secretary of the chairman and general manager of large companies.

When they leave their boss, they tend to start their own company (or partner with someone else), and they tend to do well.

When did they get married? I don’t know. When did they have kids? I don’t know. Whose children are they? I don’t know.

Who cheated on whom with the men they dated? I don’t know.

Category 10: Goddess type

About 20 years old. Any bigger, and it’s worth nothing.

Their general education level is not high, beautiful, personal service, sexual skills are their principal.

Goddess girls include: girls who work in nightclubs, bath cities in hotels above three stars, high-end beauty salons, and foot wash houses, and provide extended sexual services to guests under the cover of singing, drinking, massage, beauty, and foot wash.

They come from Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan, etc. They carry out long-distance exchanges, their occupations are very humble, but they have made indelible contributions to poverty alleviation in their hometowns.

In Chengdu and Chongqing, there are many girls opening tea houses, rubbing mahjong, doing small business, which is mostly a batch of ashore.

They finally find an honest man and marry themselves.

Men help her stock, watch the store at night, count money. Of course, money only passes through the hands of men, and ultimately belongs to women.

The man did his job, the woman rewarded him to climb up to sleep for a night, and then rewarded him with a few cigarettes and wine.

Goddess type girls after landing is really to be good, that is, they give their men cuckolded, men can only be helpless


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