When I got there, I was in my early 20s. When I went to report that day, the leader was on a business trip. I wonder what kind of person that would be. I was told that the leader was a woman, with an ambiguous and mysterious smile on her face when she said it. Thinking she was a woman with a special story www.88mylove.com, I asked them how old she was. No one answered me, they said, met her, you guess. They also told me that my female boss is not married yet, and even said with a strange smile: “You, there is a great chance.” Such a handsome young man, the leader must like.” I was thinking that sitting in her position, in this famous place for cooking, I am afraid that no 40 years old can not. I told my then-girlfriend about their joke, and she laughed at me a lot.
About three weeks after I went to work, the leader came back from Kunming. When I met her, I realized why everyone laughed so weird when it came to her age. To be honest, she was a strange-looking woman, and I couldn’t guess her age at all. I could guess that she was 28, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me she was 38. Her voice was as tender as that of a young girl, but the expression on her face www.88mylove.com was that of a middle-aged woman. Her skin was white and coarse, a lifeless pallor. The pores on his face were large and his hair was a little dry. She was also a little chubby, and wore a colorful dress that made her stand out in the crowd, but not in a fancy way, just — strange. She is very warm and interesting, so she is very popular. I can tell they don’t hate her around here. Later I vaguely knew that her family obviously had some background, so no one would easily offend her, and at most they would play jokes on her behind her back when bored.
In an organization like ours that looks at the background over the years, promotion does not seem to have much to do with ability. It’s almost impossible for someone with no background or connections like me to get ahead here. At first, the leader seemed so cold to me that I almost lost confidence in myself. I’ve never had the cold shoulder from a woman. Later, I found out that this is a strong way for her to defend her dignity. I pretended not to see her coldness and silently did many things for her. For example, she likes singing, I will choose some simple songs in the work activities, and make a duet with her; She liked to read, so I would put magazines on my desk that she might be interested in, and she would walk by my desk and talk to me about it. To be honest, I did all this just to make a good impression on my boss. It has nothing to do with love www.88mylove.com. Jean, my girlfriend at the time, came up with some ideas with me. But later I found that the leader looked at me a little differently when no one was around. A few times, I looked at her with those eyes, and her face turned red. There was something touching about her blushing for a moment. I found out later that she was 32, six years older than me.
Not long after that, she invited members of our office over to her house. While most people are still a family of three crowded in a pavilion, her three people live in a big house with three bedrooms and one living room. She has her own room; Her father has a study. The living room was decorated with a landscape painting and a leather sofa, a rarity at the time. From the 15th-floor window of their living room, they could see the Huangpu River. In her home, in front of her parents, who looked very handsome, she seemed to have her charming side as a daughter.
The night I left her house, I didn’t sleep well. I slept in the little loft we built, and she lived what seemed to me at the time like a princess.
She asked me to go to the movies, and I didn’t say no.
I fell in love quietly with my boss. When I broke up with my girlfriend Jean, who had been with me for nearly two years, her mother became sick with anger, and I suffered for months.
When I started a new relationship, the location and content of it all changed. I remember we used to go to Shinlight to look inside
Movies; She also took me to the Friendship Shop, which at the time was only for overseas people. She gave me my first good pair of leather shoes; The first time I went to the International hotel was with her; The first business trip to live in a standard room with a separate bathroom is after falling in love with her; The first time I was in a hotel lobby, watching foreigners come and go, smelling of perfume, I thought I was going to get drunk. Many other people’s meetings and investigations began to turn to me, which is not a small person in people’s impression. Everyone’s wondering how the tide turned on me. The truth is, she gave me a lot of opportunities. The change of material, the change of status, let me quickly forget the frustration of giving up Xiaoqin.
I thank this woman for everything she has given me. We got married. She transferred out of our unit shortly after marriage. Although I knew that I would have a great future, I found that I could never get rid of the shadow she cast over me. In the eyes of others, I am a man who eats soft food. They were dismissive of my efforts and abilities, they just said I “married well.” I also have to admit that there are many men with the same ability as me, but if there is no opportunity for higher people to appreciate, the ability is not put into production of inventions and patents, can only be used for self-admiration. Because of her, I have the opportunity to put my abilities into production. After marrying her, many opportunities opened up. I have to admit, the more opportunities, the better. After more than ten years, those colleagues who did not get promoted at that time, now the ability, vision and thinking are indeed greatly inferior to me. It is indeed difficult for a person to maintain his ability and condition if he survives at the bottom for a long time.
Mr. Huang, dressed in a regular short-sleeved shirt, looked polite, careful and a little somber. He had a career that seemed triumphant to outsiders, but, he said, he felt no joy in life at all.
We’ve been together for over a decade. Over the past ten years, I have risen steadily, and when she and her family quit the stage of history, I have already had my own circle. She always does not forget to remind me: don’t forget when you just came to work, what is it like, wearing a yellow shirt, do not know to change for a week, the food in the canteen to buy cheap. You’d still be working without me.
I never contradicted her. She was telling the truth. In fact, if a person deliberately creates unhappiness, I think, she is also unhappy.
She is old, and so are her parents. She spent all her time ministering to her parents and getting sick herself, and when they got sick, she started getting sick too. She has high blood pressure, heart disease, and she takes blood pressure tablets every day. The drug reaction put her into menopause early, and she had a big temper, and when she lost her temper, her blood pressure went up, and it was just a vicious cycle. By our bed all year round was a blood pressure monitor I had brought her back from abroad, along with pills and a cold water cup. There were times when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw those things on her nightstand, and I felt like this home was, at times, like an advanced ward in a hospital. I find me and her pathetic. I was busy with my work, she was busy being sick. The family has bought a second digital camera, but she still can’t use it.
A few times, we several old classmates party, I pay, I drive a good car, live in the most expensive community, but she is the most outdated wife in the seat. One time, when she was sick, my colleague went to see her, and when he came back, he looked at me funny. I don’t think I ever got out of her shadow. I will always respect her, and I do not regret my choice, but I am not happy.
These years, my life has not been without temptation. But I found that I had lost interest in that temptation, too. I was a man who had lost interest in life.
I went to see Jean, my first girlfriend, and she got laid off. Now working in a real estate agency, face coated with thick powder, a particularly loud voice, hair unkempt, long ago did not have the impression of beauty in my memory.
The one who made me feel a little bit is Hui, who is almost 20 years younger than me, and she works in a private restaurant. I often go to that store to eat, her smile and docile look let me see the young Xiao Qin, her situation reminds me of my young self. Not long after she came to Shanghai, she worked hard, had no prospects, her eyes were confused, and her face was full of exhaustion. She told me she knew she couldn’t make a difference no matter how hard she tried. She is the most honest and hardworking employee, but her boss won’t give her a raise. Spring Festival in order to get a little overtime pay, but also reluctant to go home. I would like to be this woman’s savior. I know in my heart that I can be Hui’s savior because my wife saved me first.
My love for Xiaohui is not what you imagined in your article www.88mylove.com, but I can be sure that my feelings are neither games nor tricks. She does give me a little mental and physical comfort, where I can prove that I am an independent personality and healthy man. I arranged a slightly stable job for her, and I encouraged her to find a boyfriend of her own age and marry him. I like to see her grateful look, like I saw myself back then. I said I would send her a present. She always said that she would never marry and follow me for life. This makes me very moved, but also a little scared. I didn’t ask her to give me that much. She thinks that her willingness to marry me is a sign of affection, but I only want a little gratitude and comfort, that is all. Once she’s settled down, I won’t ruin her life.
I just don’t find life interesting. I don’t see happy people and interesting lives. Only my son is very excited about everything, which makes me feel more pleased. Or will he live happily ever after?


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