They had just entered college, he was a child from a remote village, and so was she. When they are ridiculed as country people, they will always comfort each other, for a long time, the two hearts are close. Like all young lovers, they eat together, go to the park together, not much money, most of the time, she and he want to soak in the library, write small notes. Although people are poor, the light in the love world is the same. He and she, they just fell in love.
Because they are poor, compared with other lovers, they have less intimate hugs in the cinema and less mysterious gifts on Valentine’s Day. He rarely bought things for her, once she saw a pair of red gloves, 10 dollars, he touched his pocket, only seven dollars, so had to smile awkwardly. Later, she bought wool and knitted two pairs, both red gloves, one pair for each person, she said, only used five dollars of thread, worth it? He took her in his arms and vowed to be good to her for the rest of his life.
In his third year, they went out to work, and the situation was better, because he had a little money as a tutor. This time, he bought a necklace for her with his two months ‘salary, because once when she was shopping, she stared at the necklace for a long time, and he said, I will buy it for you when I have money. It was a silver chain, of very fine workmanship, and it shone around her neck. She is not a particularly good-looking girl, but she looks so beautiful when she wears this necklace. Soon it was her birthday, and he gave it to her as a birthday present, and she said, I have a present for you, too.
She gave him her virgin body. That day, in a humble hotel, she and him, so passionate. He said, I will be good to you all my life, let us love each other for a lifetime, no matter when, no matter where, no matter who has much ability in the future, OK? A lifetime, we do not separate. She curled her body into his, tears streaming down her face. She trusted the man to treat her well.
Two months later, she had nausea, vomiting, a strong reaction, and she was pregnant. It was a terrible thing, and she came to him to discuss it, what to do? “Do it,” he said. “We’re still students. They know they’ll expel us. We’ll graduate next year. No, she said obstinately, I want this child because it is mine and yours, because I love him and I must have him.
A month later, she took a leave of absence due to illness and returned to her hometown with her baby. He wrote almost every day asking about her, and by the time he graduated from college, the baby was born, a boy.
She did not return to school again, and he stayed in the big city of Shanghai, where he could have gone back to the mountains because she was waiting for her there. She did not dare to tell her family that a person with a child worked for a small company, earning only enough money to eat, she was waiting for him to graduate, and then live together. But he did not come back, he said, there are many opportunities in Shanghai, and when I have money, I will pick you and your child out.
This promise, he did not keep.
In fact, he had only come home to see her once and found that she had become difficult to look at, her hair was broken, her eyes had not had time to wipe out the feces, and her clothes were very dirty, with milk stains on them. The child was crying, and compared with the elegant and graceful he, she was a woman who had not yet walked out of the mountain, and he was afraid: really want her? Are you sure you’re still taking her?
She still relied on him and asked him how he was doing in Shanghai. He said, “It’s not good, you wait. He was lying, at that time, he was already the head of the company’s department, and she could get seven or eight thousand dollars a month, and she only had a few hundred dollars, and she still took one thousand dollars in his hand before she left, saying, “You have big expenses in Shanghai, take it.” His tears were about to burst, knowing that he had failed this woman, he got on the train, and opened the paper bag. It was a thousand dollars scattered, probably because she had gathered a lot of change to make up for it.
And he lied to her, and he decided to pay her back with money.
Soon, he sent her twenty thousand dollars, wrote a letter, he only said, I am too busy, may not be able to get married, at that time, he was too embarrassed to directly say break up. And she soon sent twenty thousand dollars back, she said, I’m sorry, I didn’t wait for you, I got married, said to love each other forever, but I got married.
He cried, she is a sensible woman ah, for him, she just got married ah! She gave him back his freedom and love, and he did not have the courage to go back to his hometown to see her. He thought, from now on, their own future, maybe her current husband will be more suitable for her than himself.
At that time, he had a beautiful and fashionable woman around him to pursue him, because she left, he decided to start his love again. Moreover, the girl’s family in Shanghai, powerful and powerful, is extremely helpful to him.
Soon, he and the girl traveled overseas to study abroad, opened their own company in the United States, he had too much money, he had a villa and a private car, these he and she had dreamed of everything. He knew he was a bad man, too bad, so he chose to return five years later, invested in a company in her hometown, and he was ready to help her.
At that time, she was a middle school teacher in her hometown, nearly 40 years old, with half white hair, a little fat, puffy eyes because of overwork appeared extremely dull. At the moment of meeting, they froze for a long time, this is the years ah, more than ten years have passed, the years to her is an increase in time, to his increase is mature charm.
He met their son, a 17-year-old young man who, like his copy, had done so well in school that he had been sent to Beijing for college. He wanted to say thank you to her, but felt that the language was so thin, he wanted to say sorry, but felt that he was not even qualified.
After a long stay in her humble office, he dared to ask, What does your wife do for a living?
She smiled, the wrinkles in her mouth moved a bit, and said calmly: I have not been married.
In an instant, he stood up from his chair, tears fell unexpectedly, and the flood of his heart broke the embankment: she had been waiting for him, had been waiting so fondly.
You’re stupid. He said, “You’re stupid.
There were tears in her eyes, and her body trembled a little: What you said, to love for a lifetime, I think it is true, what you said. He covered his face, and then slowly knelt down, in love, he is not as good as this woman, he does not know what is a promise.
And now he can’t get a divorce, his wife, his daughter, his career, his family, everything, there’s no room for this woman. But he knows that she is a pearl in his heart, the value of the city.
He asked her what she wanted. Because money can’t make up for everything, and besides, she must not care about money, because that year she gave him twenty thousand dollars back. She smiled, if you want to help me, just donate a hope middle school, see how backward our environment.
It was the only thing he could do, and it had nothing to do with her. Her eyes are the wind over the quiet mountains, everything has been settled, she said, that is my love and loyalty, nothing to do with you.
On the plane back to the United States, he opened a bag that she had given him.
Inside were two pairs of red gloves, worn, discolored, and stripped of cotton. He tried to wear it, just a stretch, the line broke, really old, too many years, what can forget can forever? Only she, her pure eyes as when, said that love for a lifetime, still moving.
It turns out that love for a lifetime is not a simple word, it is to use a lifetime to complete the oath, with their own heart and love, but he did not do it. He knew that in his life, he would never forgive himself.


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