Let’s start with a stick to kill everyone’s point of view: if one of the spouses is cheating, then any problem can be a reason for him (her) to cheat.

The woman went on a trip with her children, leaving the man at home alone. The woman was not at home, and the man was drinking beer and constantly changing the TV channels. At this time, the girl’s phone called, she said, I have nothing to do, come to your home sit down. The man said, that — no, I’m going out. The girl was already downstairs from the man.

The girl is the man’s subordinate, and many times the girl has expressed a good impression on him, and the man has subtly refused. A man knows that a young girl’s heart is a blank piece of paper, and he is not qualified to leave any ink on it.

The girl with a lot of things in her hand, and a bottle of wine, stood at the door of the man’s house. The man said, I’ll cook. The girl said, no, and began to work in the kitchen. The man was busy cleaning up the house, he accidentally saw the girl busy back, suddenly had a kind of moved. For a moment, he immediately suppressed the feeling of the moment in his heart.

In the other house, he started calling familiar friends to come over for dinner, but none of them were there. After a while, the girl has been calling him, he went to the kitchen suddenly froze, the girl served him is a plate of hot dumplings. He loves www.88mylove.com dumplings most, but usually he and the woman are too busy, no time to make dumplings.

Two plates of dumplings, a few dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl’s face soft smile, stirred his heart. For some reason, when she wasn’t looking, he turned off his cell phone and closed the curtain on the balcony. He could hear his own heart beating.

A bottle of red wine finished, the girl said dizzy, soft fell into the man’s arms. The man acknowledged that the girl was beautiful, he held her tightly in his arms, and at that moment he felt that the girl’s body was so weak, sleeping in his broad shoulders like a child, like his daughter, and his heart gave a jerk.

The girl was asleep in his bed, and he closed the door quietly. Then the living room phone rang. It was a woman and a child.

The man was still drinking his beer and changing the channels. He could clearly hear the girl’s slight breathing, but he tried to keep his mind calm and calm.

It was the next morning when the girl woke up. The man did not sleep all night. The man prepared breakfast for the girl. During dinner, the girl asked, “Don’t you like me?” The man said, “Yes.” Aren’t you lonely? A little, but — afraid I’d haunt you? The girl’s mouth was like a bean.

The man seriously said that life is a responsibility, just like this bowl of porridge and fried eggs, although the old eat feel no taste, but you have to do every day, also have to eat, sometimes even feel it tastes bad, but do not eat heart empty.

The girl was silent. The man felt lighter than ever when he sent the girl away.

Whether it is a man or a woman cheating, there are reasons, physical temptation or emotional www.88mylove.com compensation, will be the fuse, but this is definitely not an excuse. Out is out, this is called betrayal, will be the scar and pain in the heart. In fact, love is a kind of honesty, it needs to pay a price, if you do not love, or can not bear, then don’t easily open your heart. Temptation and loneliness, is not the reason for love.


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