“Your hair is too long. It needs a haircut.” “Do men get lazy when they get married?” She was lying on the bed giggling, her eyes fixed on me sitting on the ground watching TV.

“Probably so.” I grabbed half a watermelon and didn’t look back.

‘Do you hate me? You’ve said that five times in one night!” She looked very excited www.88mylove.com, her white legs kicking in the air.

I turned my head, expressionless. She thought I was angry, and a smile lit up her face. “Why do women say that www.88mylove.com? Do you have any idea how many times you’ve said, ‘Do you hate me?’ since I’ve known you?” I replied angrily, I know, she is such a child, you do not say three grandchildren she will be more and more exaggerated, in turn, you just gently like a fart to say a word, she immediately gentle infinite.

“Do you know who’s playing who today? Manchester United and Real Madrid! Look at the shell, that’s a cool free kick!” Unable to hear the reply, I turned my head and saw that she was crying.

What’s going on? This is. I asked. She did not answer, and her tears fell like beads. What I hate most is to see a woman cry, especially when she cries, her mouth is flat as her chin, and she looks like a duck from a distance. A friend once said that women and tears are synonymous, a woman who does not cry is not called a woman, called a stone. It’s as simple as a cat catching mice by nature.

I always don’t know what women are trying to say until I get an answer. After a few days, she gently told me that the sentence “how women love to say this sentence” was wrong, she thought I had a lot of women. Not much, really. Besides my wife, she’s the only one.


As soon as I stepped into the house, her phone followed me: “Teacher Wang, my brother has not come home, may I ask because he has not finished his homework?” The girl at least knew how to raise her voice and tell a lie, even though I warned her repeatedly not to bother me by phone. “Your brother didn’t come home, and my wife didn’t come home. Talk to me.”

She was laughing so hard on the other end that the line curved with laughter. She said, I just love it when you talk like that, funny.

The wife pushed the door and asked: which lover to call, I hung up the phone and said to her: just this one, there can be several. Wife a music, threw over a cigarette, smiled and scolded: glib, I hate you the most. When he was done, he came and put his arms around me and bit my face with his teeth. I pulled her apart, unwrapped one cigarette, and shoved the rest into a drawer. My wife pointed her finger at my head, looked at me with the eyes of her father and said, “It’s really worthless, everything is hidden.”

“If you find a loser, it’s a loser enough.” I said in a dreamy tone.

“If you hadn’t sweetly coaxed me, I wouldn’t be the president’s wife right now,” she said, her face flushed with girlhood and her eyes looking longingly out of the window. Again, I stood up and said, don’t move, don’t move. My wife immediately turned to look at me warily: What’s wrong?

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at her as if I were looking at Marilyn: If I had a paintbrush now, a great “Gaze” would be born.

My wife flew over, gave me a loud kiss on the cheek, and said excitedly: today I will take you to eat hot pot! I looked at her sideways, secretly amused. Wife a stare: how this kind of virtue, let you eat a hot pot like this, which day a little leprechaplain to give you a bottle of Wuliangye you still don’t obediously follow ah.


The car is a good thing, but it doesn’t feel the same when you drive it. I said as I turned the wheel. She smiled and looked at me in silence. I reached up to turn up the stereo, and the sound of the violin drowned out her laughter.

“Is it Liang Zhu?” “Why do I sound different than I did when I was in college?” she asked, curling her body into a plush chair.

“That’s because you’ve changed. Now put you on the ground to eat that one yuan a bowl of wonton noodles, it is estimated that you will not eat any taste. Is Western food better or instant noodles better?” I looked at the car in front of me with envy, and also looked at her happiness after the white collar. “That’s different. When I think of that little casserole at the school gate, it smells good.”

“What does your wife cook for you? I’ll eat you till you’re all red.” She reminded me that I should get some exercise. Sports? That was a fucking decade ago. The old football captain is turning into a ball now. “What meal? Porridge!” I gave her a sideways look and replied sulkily. She chuckled and talked to me again about art.

Taking advantage of nothing this weekend, I lied about going on a business trip to ask my wife for leave, and went to climb the Great Wall with her. “A leave of absence? Hee hee.” She always laughs, which is good. I like a girl who laughs. “Is it funny? I tell you what, if you see someone on the Wall later, just say, just say, just say what? I forgot about that.” She turned to look up at the sky and said nothing. No response, no response, she’s not easy, quite a good girl, how did you hook up with me? “That’s not true, who’s going to fuck who.” I muttered. “What are you talking about? She was curious.

“Do you think I would still love you if you had no money?” I asked very seriously. She looked a little upset. “I don’t know.” I did not give up, asked: “You guess?” “I tell you I don’t know, I don’t know.” Her eyes were wet again.


“What’s the matter with you? My wife, who was getting fatter, stood on the ground with her hands on her waist and looked at me like a thief, “What does this money mean?” I blinked innocently: “What do you mean?” His wife immediately flew over and spread out her hand, “How much do you earn?” How much money is left? What about three hundred?” I was a little annoyed, but still smiled on my face: “Oh, you said that 300 ah, Liang Zi has something to borrow.” See the wife did not respond, I added: “The day after tomorrow.”

Today, when I was teaching a philosophy class to my students, a fat man stood up and asked me, “Mr. Wang, what is your worldview?” I shook my head, a little noncommittal. To be honest, I am not very interested in materialism in my bones, but I cannot bring these ideas to the students, who need correct guidance. That’s what the principal said. The fat man asked, “What about your love www.88mylove.com?” A view of love? I was gonna ask you something else.

I went home with this question, and I thought about it even as I lay in bed. It’s like my love life died on my wedding day, like it did, like it didn’t. My wife snores louder and louder around me, and I can’t sleep at all.


“I haven’t slept well at all since the Wall. I think we should have a talk.” I looked at her seriously. “Let’s talk.” She’s kind of calm. This made me a little overwhelmed. “Know that I love you dearly, before, now, and always.” She looked at me softly, her eyes revealed a painful sadness. My heart trembled and a cold shivered through my body. “I know, but I think you should find another life, something completely different.” Do you understand?” I sighed and said softly, in a voice so small that I could not hear myself clearly, “I feel as if I have delayed you a little.”

She came up and put her arms around me and didn’t say anything. Fuck, this is the fourth time, and I can’t say anything to her. I put my arms around her waist, and it was thin, and it was killing me. I can’t help myself.

“Are you hungry? Can I cook for you?” She wriggled to her feet and walked to the kitchen like a model. I didn’t stop her. I reached over to let go of the CD. Shit, music, women, and the Internet www.88mylove.com, there’s nothing I can do about these drugs.

Night came again. At this age, time is spinning like a wheel, and I can’t always keep up with it. I drank red grapes at night. I’m fucking drunk again. She was wrapped around me like a snake, motionless as if in hibernation, and I wanted to go, but I didn’t.


“I want you to make up a reason for me to believe it.” My wife’s face is on her neck again, and I don’t like it. “Trust is the safety insurance of a marriage.” I said. The wife shoved the magazine in her hand to the ground, “I believe your insurance! I warn you, you’d better not do anything to me, or I’ll die!” See my will a little shaken, but also added: “You don’t believe it!” I quickly held a glass of water, “I believe, I believe. You are my spiritual pillar, I will collapse if you fall, “my wife looked at me coldly, and it seems that my sincere self-criticism and solemn justification still played a little role,” I was really on duty last night…” The wife waved: “OK, don’t explain, this time I believe you.” You’d better behave yourself from now on!”

I panic when she breathes. My wife has a bad heart and trachea, and the doctor told me that the best medicine is a happy family atmosphere. I know. It means I have to laugh and work every day. After such a long time, you should be used to it, don’t bother, just calm down. I advised myself.

My wife fell asleep, and I brushed the bowl. Night, again. I sighed and pulled on my coat and got out of bed.

There are very few stars tonight, I miss your smile, miss your smell. I was looking out the window, listening to Taste on my headphones.


“I know what you’re trying to say,” she knew I was peeking at her. “Don’t say anything else. I just want to be happy when I’m with you.” She paused and said generously, “I don’t care.” She made a long note between ‘all’ and ‘don’t care’, as if to say something. I knew that most of my childhood dreams and dreams of hope had been fulfilled by her, like the round car dream, the villa dream, and the fucking lover dream. She really doesn’t care about anything for me, including RMB and promises.

“Sometimes I think I’m a gentleman.” I said, frowning. She grinned: “I still like you that bad,” see me reach out to touch the smoke, from the drawer out of a package of boutique 555 handed over: “the worse the better.” Give up smoking if you can. It’s not good for your health.” She looked at me a little worried. I inhaled greedily, exhaled a mess of smoke, looked at her, did not speak.

“I just like your money, and when you don’t have money to buy me good cigarettes, I won’t talk to you anymore.” I always use these seemingly grand excuses to squeeze her, hoping that she will leave me in a fit of anger. One’s energy is always limited, let alone love. I can’t handle one woman, let alone two. So is conscience, let alone another conscience.


Let’s leave. The wife said quietly, her eyes red as a cherry. I gritted my teeth and said: No, OK. It can be seen that the wife is trying to restrain her emotions, so as not to erupt like a volcano: “Respected teacher Wang, I tell you, I live better than now without you.” I humbly begged, “Do whatever you want with me, but don’t leave me, absolutely not.” Is that all right?” Seeing my wife did not speak, I took a few steps forward, looked at her from the bottom up and said: “For so many years, I have pretended to be like your son in front of you, you are not satisfied?” My wife was suddenly anxious, pointing at my nose and Shouting: “Don’t be ungrateful to the surname Wang, what the fuck am I doing for?” Isn’t this about the family? I’ve got all that money in the cupboard, and you can take it if you want to spend it, and give it to the leprechaun!” Her voice was like that of a wounded lion, sad but dignified.

Things are so coincidence, coincidence let me know what is a tired, tired let me want to cry. In a Moscow restaurant, God arranged for me to meet my two women, and my wife and a colleague met me and another woman at dinner. There were times when I feared this embarrassment would arise and even thought of what to do if it did. But I didn’t expect it to be this fast, so fast that I didn’t know what to do. The abruptness of the scene gave me palpitations.

The wife is crying. The neighbors are trying to persuade. I’m falling apart.


“I’m going.” Haggard She looked at haggard me. My heart felt like it was dead. There was no beating. “I don’t want to,” she sobbed, struggling to swallow a tear, “to affect your happiness, your family.” She said softly, “I’m sorry.” I looked at the pictures scattered all over the ground, me and her above the bright smile. “Tomorrow’s flight?” I asked. She stopped talking and turned to pack her bags. My nose ached as I looked at her thin back. I know. I’m very, very sad.

She settled everything, turned and walked slowly over, looked me dead in the eyes, tears streaming down her face. For a long time, she gently said: “I, will, think, you,”. I felt a lump in my chest and hugged her violently. Suddenly, the room only left us crying.

“I have to go. Have fun.” I feel a little polite about that. But I dare not look at her eyes again, I know, as long as one more look, maybe really can not walk. You wait. She called to me, handed me a packing box, and said with a tearful voice: Don’t worry, this is not money, it is a gift for you and your wife. Please tell her I’m sorry. I looked at her and opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

She seemed to shout with all her strength: I – love – you!

I turned my head and ran as fast as I could. You know what? I love you, too.

Out on the street, I walked like a lost soul, clutching the box in my hand and wondering distractedly about its contents.

When I passed the intersection, I heard the traffic police and passers-by Shouting. A dark shadow in front of me, and then I don’t know anything.


I probably slept in the hospital because it was white everywhere. For a moment I even thought, am I dead? I’m sweating all over my back.

Although I even thought of relief when I was extremely tired, it was good to be alive after all. Shit, whatever it is, don’t die. I think.

I got hit by a car. She followed me behind, unable to part. Just in time to see the accident. When she came to the hospital, crying and holding me half back, the doctors took her as my wife. Actually, my wife is the other one. She’s the one who called. While I was in my hospital bed worrying, they were talking on the bench outside. To my relief, I didn’t hear a fight.

The doctor, the nurse, and the two women were on my face looking at my pupils. I heard the doctor say: It’s all right, just have a rest. This familiar sentence can not be more familiar with the movie dialogue let my heart suddenly excited to jump up. Thank you. Thank you. I said in my mind.

She looked at me worried, and she looked at her worried.

She looked at her with concern, and looked at me with concern.

I didn’t dare open my eyes.

The weather is warm and the air is good. Just lie there, I suppose. I don’t know how long it took me to finally open my eyes: my wife


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