Take a look at who is most likely to cheat in the 12 zodiac signs:

  1. Sagittarius
    If you don’t like it, break up. Sagittarius can’t even have two dates.
  2. Gemini
    Gemini most like to pursue fresh feelings, when the object of the eye appears in front of you, there is no way to control themselves.
  3. Aries
    Being too confident, RAMS always enjoy a challenge. Encountering the right pair of images, the impulsive ram immediately launched action, all by inertia to catch up to the end, never look back.
  4. Scorpio
    Scorpio is cold on the outside, but inside the www.88mylove.com feeling is hot. The more silent, the more violent the outburst, Scorpio hates the betrayal of others, but can forgive themselves.
  5. Libra
    Libra is likeable, popular, and has more opportunities to cheat. But Libra’s hesitant personality has become his insurance. Even if he does, by the time he thinks it through, it’s long gone.
  6. Leo
    Lions need plaudits to show their worth. Lions are less likely to cheat as long as the lover has the honor to take them out.
  7. Cancer
    Cancer is definitely the gentle home type. But when it comes to self-control, Cancer is also easily out of control emotionally — easily moved. Fortunately, cancer’s family concept is relatively heavy, as long as it becomes a home, cancer will not cheat.
  8. Capricorn
    Capricorn is stable and practical, and will rarely cheat. But Capricorn is too utilitarian! Everything should be considered from a practical point of view, the opportunity to abandon the moral code is rare, but it is not absolutely impossible to happen!
  9. Pisces
    Pisces is attentive and sensitive. When feeling hurt, it longs for your partner’s understanding and consideration. If you find that the other party can not give the need of tenderness, rather sad to leave. As for cheating, there’s not much time to think about it.
  10. Virgo
    Virgos are usually a bit of a spiritual cleanliness freak and will never allow themselves to have any derailment. However, Virgo pursues perfection, picking on lovers, unless the other side is superior to him, otherwise it makes the other half want to cheat.
  11. Aquarius
    Water bottle most looks down on people who are impulsive and have no brain, so the probability of water bottle derailments is very low, low to the point where it will almost never happen.
  12. Taurus
    When it comes to self-control, Taurus is absolutely first-class, and the quiet effort is really admirable. With too much to think about, Taurus is a passive type. Anyway, he was just a thief with no guts.


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