That was many years ago. They are in love. The first day they bought the phone, they were sitting on the bus, he received a text message from her: I miss you. It was the first time they had communicated by text. For a long time, he was reluctant to delete these three words.

At that time, they were at opposite ends of the city, gathering in small numbers and leaving in large numbers. Text messages became their main way of romance. One night, it was their agreed chat time, but he sent many text messages did not respond, called the past, the phone was not answered. He was anxious, immediately dressed up, rushed to her residence overnight, he was washing clothes, the sound of the water covered up the call of love. He was relieved, but she was too moved to speak.

Soon, they were married. Text messages are still exchanged, but mostly concise.

“Where are you?” “Waiting for the bus.” “When will you be home?” “More than ten minutes.”

In fact, the number of messages on his phone has increased, and his wife’s messages are often the first to be deleted.

They had been together for eight years, and their love was too faint to be seen or touched — at least, he thought so. A woman called Ru just then walked into his life appropriately. They were rightfully close and connected.

Finally, one night, he and Ru got a room in the hotel. Ru was obedient, and he got what he wanted with little effort. Late at night, he drove away from the hotel contentedly. At this time, he suddenly wanted to try, Ru is not really love him, so, stopped the car to Ru sent a text message: my car and others collided, downstairs intersection, come over!

No news for a long time, and then sent a past, still no movement. So, he angrily moved the car to leave, just at this moment, with the screeching sound of brakes, a taxi stopped in front of his car, a half-dressed woman jumped out of the taxi in a panic. It was her, his wife. He quickly picked up the phone, it turns out, the second text message sent to his wife, the first is correct.

She banged on his car door. “How are you?” “I’m fine, little accident.” As he spoke, he pulled his anxious wife into his arms, tight.

When the car was driving on the street, he suddenly thought of a sentence: near the end of the world. Yes, the one who loves you is always nearest to you, even if she is far away; The person who does not love you is the furthest away from you, even if she is close at hand. As he thought about it, his tears came down, and she was asleep on his shoulder.


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