Beauty, outside the body’s desire. Can do bosom friend must be a woman in the fine. He who can have a bosom friend is a wise man. Those who know themselves are intimate, sincere and tacit friends who can understand each other.

A confidant?

Uncover the veil of confidant, the exact explanation is only female confidant – a female friend who is spiritually independent and soul equal with you, and can reach a deep resonance. And not just let you pour out your troubles mood garbage cans, or hurt in the outside world before tired birds look back to the nest. Same sex confidant is still difficult to find, beauty confidant is naturally the treasure of the treasure, more need to use the heart to maintain.

In front of her, you do not have to be as brave as in front of same-sex friends do not have to be hypocritical, depending on your taste and needs, she can be kind, intelligent, bitter and even vulgar, but must be considerate – able to understand the thoughts you want to be resonated with, and give appropriate opinions and suggestions, open you, comfort you, Love love is brief, friendship is eternal; it can make you feel a deeper and more shocking lasting emotion than the love of lust.

In marriage and love, she can be your pillow person, such as Fubova to Sartre, not only a partner who has loved each other for a lifetime, but also a confidant who understands and supports each other in career and academic, and can truly fly together in the marriage cause. This kind of confidant is desirable and can only be granted by fate. More to know how to find and learn to cherish.

In fact, sometimes, at some stage of life, long or short, our spouse will be our confidant for a while. How many people can grow with us and understand us better than all of us? Only when the value of this is realized, it is often after the complete loss. This is why some people, although the marriage is broken up, but better with the original reason – what we can do is when the heat of love gradually disappeared, still keep communicating, giving each other a humane sense of trust, care, consideration and understanding, a woman who can understand and care for herself in this way, of course, deserves to be called a confidant.

In marriage, often because the distance is too close to each other’s shortcomings are exposed, and therefore also lost the good desire to communicate with each other, because in this way, the distance between the soul is more and more far away, lost the possibility of knowing each other and seeking each other. Only a mature heart with rich experience can understand the way to turn the closest person into a confidant.

An extramarital man?

For married friends, the opposite sex outside the spouse can become friends, and the starting point is the same as love or same-sex friendship. She is often your young, in the ignorant period of youth insiders, when everyone is like brothers and sisters, no close and distant, with the passage of time gradually grow up, separation, each other slowly realize the value of young simple friendship, understand the rare witness to accompany you grow up, and then through the baptism of time and space overlap, The sparks of another collision can easily make the two sides become very tacit friends.

This feeling is very deep, we never thought of losing, but did not want to have, there is no clear definition before, already have each other a sincere, not like family friendship and love so simple and easy to express. This kind of young pure love is not suitable for easily trying to develop into love, because often everyone is deeply attached to the young feelings, rather than each other as the attraction of the opposite sex.

Perhaps, the changes of the world will change each other’s life trajectory and fate, but to be able to live such a life, in the dull 365 and 365 days, there is a person silently waiting for each other’s happiness, can look back at the last time, think of the other side witnessed each step of their growth and silently smiling, or itself is a kind of happiness.

Or she can just be a friend whom she doesn’t meet very often, who meets on the road, in the workplace, or even through the Internet, with an open mind and an unguarded heart, who may have met much later, but who remains at this stage, understanding each other in all aspects, giving maximum moral support, but determined never to cross the line.

It can be someone you once loved deeply, but for various reasons both sides decided to give up completely. More than a young mind of the crazy entanglement, in exchange for each other to completely understand, calm but know each other and understand each other smile. She may love you more than she did then, but she’s determined not to interfere with your life. At this time, to be your confidant is to love you deeply in your heart, and only hope to maintain an appropriate distance forever, to be a person who makes you feel that her wisdom and beauty are like a trickle, a trickle, a never-ending person.

Such a precious relationship, the need for reason to control the state, do not have to involve too sentimental topics, goodbye is for more than an otherworldly friendship, how willing to for some not enough reasons, lose many years of friends who know each other?

People are not plants, and over time, love may be born because of love. Naturally, we should pay attention to maintaining a safe space and time distance. If it exceeds the scope of spiritual life, each other clearly feels the need to go beyond friendship, if there is any passionate contact or dialogue, at this time the confidant is no longer simply a confidant, how to define depends on the development of things.

To be a man’s confidant must have the courage to cut the thread of love even if you fall in love with him; A man with a confidant should be rational and intelligent to ensure that friendship will not change the confidence of love, and both sides are not afraid of their spouses to understand the calm, then a confidant outside marriage, heterosexual friendship can become another beautiful power for you to enhance your own.

How to judge each other is confidant or extramarital person? Ask yourself if your body needs her as much as your spirit. Is your desire to be near each other beyond the control of your mind? Love is love, friendship is friendship, dare to love and hate, dare to be brave, do not deceive oneself under the banner of friendship, is every adult should be brave to bear the responsibility.


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