Nowadays, many couples are in a kind of depressed sexual needs, which is not only “aesthetic fatigue”, but also because of the lack of spiritual interaction, which has eroded the interest of appreciating each other, so they can’t afford to make love Most women are subject to the ancient motto “no matter two husbands” and can accept their fate, but once the desire of men is started, the characteristics of life plus social temptation, it is easy to walk into the mire.

There are two kinds of men who tend to have affairs:
One is that the inferiority type urgently needs to be affirmed, the wife at home is capable and strong, the man at home is like a defeated rooster, outside as long as someone regards him as the boss, as a reliance, immediately manly up, acting as a man.

The second is a strong control type, who is he wants to get started, his wife is just a doll between the hands, there are a bunch of dolls waiting for him to play. Behind the character of these men, there are environmental factors or natural causes of their childhood growth, and they are not simply “lecherous” and “irresponsible “.

Women are much less likely to cheat than men because of their personalities, ways of thinking, and the roles they play in life are very different from men. But the type of infidelity is similar to that of men.

The first is to be changed, women’s virtues in the family are not recognized, men think that Riso should enjoy the “service” of his wife, there is no real sense of respect for his wife, a woman who is cold and lonely surrounded by, once the long-term concern, the balance of emotional is bound to tilt. If the husband’s betrayal, will stimulate revenge psychology, adultery.

Therefore, the man’s affair and the woman’s affair have a certain internal cause, both sides of the marriage should examine their own behavior, whether it will become the cause of the other side’s affair. What is the real desire to understand each other’s affair, noisy and even make people’s lives are a mess, who will have love because of such a tired heart process?

Today’s men demand more of women, not only beautiful, to have a good body, but also have culture, temperament, but now women demand more of men, light have a lot of silver, sprinkle money like water, that is absolutely not, this man is the most let women despise the rich, the upstart, on the basis of enough silver, with education, taste, will be romantic, So you can be called a good man.

The question is, is it possible for such a good man not to cheat? Of course it’s hard. This society provides too many opportunities for “indulgence”, especially for a man who is not short of money, has a degree, has good taste, and can be romantic. I can say that in the heart of every man who has a regular partner there is a desire to have an outlet of desire. But this export is not necessarily in addition to the wife of another woman, there may be football, basketball, wine, piano, calligraphy, in short, can be anything, but most men’s desire is very primitive very single, so most men will choose this export of women, which has caused the city is now full of cheating men.

For their own men’s derailment, most women will hate gnash their teeth, rain Birch is a kind person, she told a lot of men in this book the reason for derailment, if your home unfortunately out of a derailment man, you can completely comfort yourself according to the reasons provided in the book, from their own body to find reasons, maybe the family harmony.

And never ask a man if he will cheat, the answer to that question is like a woman promising that she will never waste money on clothes and never waste money on makeup again, can never be trusted. However, I have another idea, to say that cheating, women have more reasons and more sufficient, I will talk about a few.

Number one: Women find it easier than men to find a partner. It must be admitted that at least in China, the ratio of men to women is a little out of proportion, there are more and more men, so women have more choices than men, and women with a little beauty have been surrounded by a large number of men since childhood;

The second reason: women are under more pressure. There are a lot of cheating men will excuse their stress, but women? The pressure of promotion, career bottleneck, workplace sexual harassment, and the problems of housework and children after marriage, are not more under pressure than men?

The third reason: Women are more eager to be loved. This is the biggest difference between men and women, men like to care for others, while women prefer to be cared for by others. After marriage, most men feel that the relationship has been stable and are not willing to care more about women, and women at this time need more care both psychologically and physically;

The fourth reason: women are less dangerous to cheat. Most women a marriage, will habitually produce a sense of crisis, from the husband to guard, in this high-pressure policy, men want to cheat is a certain degree of difficulty. But the situation of women is on the contrary, most men belong to the hunter type, marry the woman home and be done with it, rest assured in the outside, so women are relatively safe to cheat;

Fifth reason: women cheat more economical health. To be honest, if a man wants to cheat, he must have money and status, and the expenditure is large, which not all men can afford, and if he does not find the right person, it is easy to get some hidden diseases. But women do not have to worry about these, as long as a little beauty, as long as a little feminine, as long as you are willing, there will always be free men sent to the door, maybe also will be posted to you;

Sixth reason: Most women who cheat will not affect the harmony of the family. Men derailed most of the family will make chicken flying dogs jump, willing to do the second wife few women, even in the beginning for love, but it will not be long before they want to enter the house, causing a man’s reputation, family collapse.

And women often do not have to worry about these, not many men will haunt you to marry you; The last reason men may not want to hear is that women are biologically superior to men. A woman can easily juggle several men without fatigue, while a man can hardly juggle two women at the same time.

Often, a woman can still meet her husband with an affair, while a man can only have an affair with his wife. See, in fact, on the issue of derailment, women have more advantages than men, but more than 90% of women will not derailment, even if there is a heartbeat, but also know the cliff. But men never think of this greatness in women. So, these days, it’s important for women to protect themselves.


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