The fate of life is predetermined, where can you be a weak woman can predict it?

It has been four years since Shu Sheng died, but until today, Yan Ge is still alone. As a friend, I really want her to forget the past and regain the happiness of her life. Yan Song, if Shu was born in heaven with spirit, he must not want you to live in the shadow of his death, you have promised him to live a good life, you can not live up to his heart! Swallow song, do you hear it?

Ouyang Yange is one of my online friends From the photos she sent me, I know that she is a beautiful young and energetic female teacher. In the photo, she is standing in front of a waterfall in a mountain, as if the spirit of the landscape has merged with the spirit of her life. Charming smile and slender figure, let people feel a romantic and poetic warmth from her; Especially her big, beautiful eyes, which seemed to reflect the sunshine that had shone into her young heart…
However, no one thought that in this female teacher full of fantasy, there has been a sad story I know that she must be on the other side of the network with tears talking about her experience, and I am on the other side of the network with tears listening…
A few years ago, Yange’s mobile phone often received calls from strangers looking for someone named Lin Shusheng. Sometimes the other party heard a woman’s voice and jokingly asked, “Are you Shu Sheng’s girlfriend?” Why else would you have his phone?” It made her angry and funny, and later asked to know that the difference between Lin Shusheng’s mobile phone number and her mobile phone number was in two numbers: the last two digits of Yange were 78, and his was 87.
After finding out the reason, Yange dialed Shu Sheng’s mobile phone and said to him angrily: “Hey, can you make your mobile phone number clear to your acquaintances, otherwise I will have to ask you for the phone bill in the future!”
Who knows Shu Sheng answered the phone and said with a laugh: “You still blame me, how many times your friends call my mobile phone when they look for you, do you know?” Of course, I am not a man to ask you for phone bills, I will not blame you many times, ha ha ha.”
The hearty laughter of the other person is very penetrating. Yan Ge’s voice softened a little, she said: “Your friends all regard me as your girlfriend, take advantage, you of course easy to talk.”
Shu Sheng said: “I work in Chishuihe hydropower station, really have no girlfriend, let’s make a friend, tell me which unit you are in, what’s your name?”
Yan Ge said: “Don’t dream your sweet dreams!” He hung up his phone.
However, Shu Sheng is a very persistent man, he pulls Yange mobile phone every day. Yange also has a kind of good feeling to him from the heart, just like this, two people began a mobile phone love
Shu Sheng, a native of Chengdu, was assigned to work at a hydropower station in Chishui River, Guizhou Province, after graduating from university. When he met Yange, he was already an engineer in this hydropower station. Yan Ge is a teacher at a primary school in the city of Guizhou. They fell in love for two months, finally agreed to meet, both with a feeling of unease in a park, they have never seen each other, are afraid that the other is not their lover. With the guidance of the mobile phone, their eyes finally met, and at this moment, both of their hearts fell. Shu Sheng in Yange’s eyes is worthy of being a big man, although not very handsome, but also lose the charm of a man; Yan Song in Shu Sheng’s eyes, after all, an innocent and lively bright person. Their hands clasped together…
Winter turned to spring, flowers blossomed and fell, and in the twinkling of an eye they had been in love for two years. For their son’s marriage, Shu Sheng’s parents bought him a house in Guizhou city. Especially after Shu Sheng’s mother met Yan Ge, she fell in love with her future daughter-in-law. The room was decorated exactly according to Yan Ge’s wishes.
On Shu Sheng’s birthday, the two of them went to the newly decorated room. Yan Ge said, “Shu Sheng, I want to give you a present today to celebrate your birthday. She told him to close his eyes and not peek. After a while, she said, “Open your eyes!”
At this time, Shu Sheng saw that Yan Ge had tied a red thread around his arm. He realized in a flash that she had made herself his birthday present. He suddenly took her in his arms and said, “My little Swallow, there is nothing more precious to me in all this world than you! My baby, I will always love you, forever guard you! Your gift will be more important than my life in this world!” Then they kissed deeply together. From that day on, Yange settled down here, and they agreed to get married in the “Five and one” section next year.
In February 2000, on Yan Ge’s birthday, Shu Sheng could not come back because of work, that day Yan Ge was in a terrible mood, in the afternoon, Shu Sheng called, however, she cried on the phone, and said a lot of blame. Shu Sheng hung up the phone without saying anything, and at six o ‘clock in the afternoon, he appeared in front of her. It turned out that in order to comfort her, he drove the car of the work unit to hurry back, and she burst into laughter. Not long after he got home, the unit called, because there was a special situation at the site to deal with, he must rush back immediately. It was already dark when she showed him out the door…
From the moment he stepped out of the house, she felt a sense of unease. She stayed by the telephone, waiting for him to call. Because he has a habit, every time as soon as he returns to the unit, the first thing he does is to call her. She was supposed to receive a call from him before eleven o ‘clock at night, but she had been sitting by the phone all night without any news from him, and the woman’s intuition had already made her feel that something bad was going to happen…
Sure enough, just after dawn, she received a phone call from a stranger, telling her that Shu Sheng had been in a car accident during the night, and that he was in a certain hospital and wanted her to come as soon as possible. Hearing the news, she spoke up and calmed down a little. She first called her mother, who accompanied her to the hospital with her brother.
In the hospital, when she saw Shu Sheng lying on the hospital bed covered in blood, she threw herself on him regardless of everything and cried loudly: “Shu Sheng, it is I who have harmed you, it is I who have harmed you!” At this moment, Shu Sheng woke up when he heard her voice, and he reached out with great difficulty to hold her hand. Yan Ge cried and said, “Shu Sheng, if anything happens to you, I won’t live, and I won’t have the face to live in this world anymore. It’s all because of me!”
Shu Sheng also shed tears. But soon he tried to bear the pain and said with a smile: “My little swallow, don’t be silly, I love you, I want to go back to see you, it’s none of your business!”
In the afternoon, perhaps it was the brightness of the sun, Shu Sheng showed a special sober, he said to Yan Ge: “Dear Yan, this life to know you is the happiest thing for me.” You promise me that whether I can be well or not, you will live well, otherwise, I will die with my eyes closed.” Yange held his hand tightly and said, “I promise you, promise you!” He smiled and said, “A man must keep his word!” Then he passed out again, and despite the doctors’ great efforts, he was gone forever…
Shu Sheng’s death has been like a nightmare in her heart, sometimes wake up at night, will be alone in tears until dawn, she always felt that it is not the day he wanted him to come back, he will not have an accident. Honestly, she wanted to forget him, but could she forget him?
Two years after Shusheng’s death, she received a phone call from Shusheng’s father, telling her: “Shusheng’s mother is dying of grief after her son’s death, and she wants to see you before she dies. Son, if you want to come, you can come, but if you don’t want to come, I know how you feel about Shusheng, and I have been very sad.”
To tell the truth, although she felt that Shusheng had died because of himself and deserved his parents, she still decided to visit his mother. By the time she arrived in Chengdu, her mother was so sick that she could hardly speak. She held Yan Ge’s hand tightly and only said, “You and Shu Sheng are both miserable children.” After that, she was speechless and Yan Ge only cried out, “Aunt.”
On the second day after Yan Ge arrived in Chengdu, Shu Sheng’s mother went with her son with great longing. At the funeral hall, Yange wanted to show filial piety as her daughter-in-law, but the next day, when she was crying to death, Shu’s niece, who was only 14 or 15 years old, suddenly pointed at her angrily and said, “Why are you crying?” My uncle is not you can not die, my grandmother is not sad for uncle can not die, are harmful to us, you return my uncle, also my grandmother!” And he jumped at her and tore her. Hearing her niece’s angry rebuke, Yan Ge also cried and said, “It is all my fault, I also die here today, let them go, I don’t want to live!” With these words, she hit her head against the wall. Although she was held back, her head was broken and bleeding profuselessly. She was sent to the hospital for several stitches on her head.
Shu Sheng’s father said to her, “The child is small and doesn’t understand much, so don’t be like her.” I asked you to come, and I feel sorry for what has happened. Don’t take it to heart. ‘ The next day, he bought a plane ticket and let her go back to Guizhou…


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