I am in my early twenties, have no boyfriend, in a KTV was to play with the boss to see, is the vice president of the hotel, more than thirty years old, very masculine, he came in to appreciate me, his friend said what he because of career-oriented, delayed marriage, I believe he is unmarried people, later he asked me to play, I will generally have to go out, but still in a time Casual chat, I know he already has a wife and daughter, but he has nothing in common with his wife. Seriously, he is very good, also very good to me, teach me to drive, buy a mobile phone for me, but also always want to buy me furniture to the dormitory, but also take me to play around to buy clothes, but also said that I do not go to work, he gave me three thousand a month… But among so many good things, I only accept him to teach me to drive, other I refuse, I am not a material girl, although I am not very rich in life, sometimes even borrow money from friends, but I know once he sends things, it will represent what. Finally, one day he texted me to say that all he could think about was me, and I replied that I am not the kind of person you want, or be a friend, and I am sorry if I have to think otherwise.
But after this, I sometimes have a little regret, some of my girlfriends, seem to have a good impression on him, one even took the initiative, for this, I feel a little reluctant to this kind of thing, I don’t know if I refuse such a good, will regret in the future, but I also dare not imagine if I accept this kind of feelings www.88mylove.com, what will I be in the future Living in the countryside, that kind of secular statement, I think enough to make me die of shame, but I saw another colleague for the happy life of a second wife, I sometimes feel very bad.
Sometimes I really want to overcome my feudal thoughts, but when I think about it, I dare not think, to tell the truth, he is really good, he never embarrassed me, I remember once he called me, I did not pick up the message did not stand back, he drank a lot of wine that day, and I drank a little too much wine, I also want him, I am not greedy for his material, because I know that even if we have true feelings will not have The result, and feelings I can not afford to play, but also think, dizzy ah, what is I in the end, I what is going on ah? Can you help me analyze it?
Good terrible feeling ah, because I found that I may start to have feelings for him, from that message, he did not contact me again, I do not know why the psychology is very bad, today tearful at least three times, miss him, how to do ah? I know the consequences, but I can’t let him go now, what can I do? I want to cry, I want to get rid of it. I miss being with him. Whoo… Am I a bad girl? Seriously, even with him, I don’t need any reputation. I don’t need him to be good to me for the rest of my life, as long as I have a boyfriend and we are over. Am I beyond help?


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