Is premarital sex good? Is premarital sex outside the bounds of morality? Is premarital sex illegal?
None of this really matters.
There are eight main consequences of girls having premarital sexual relations:
Premarital sexual relations tend to cause men and women to break up before marriage. Some girls in fear of losing the boy they love only reluctantly give their flesh, the result is often counterproductive, if she insists on the last barrier, it may be easier to hang him.
Many men do not want to marry a girl who has had sex with someone else. Some men have been doing their best to reduce the number of virgins in the general population, but when it comes time to marry, they refuse to take a “second-hand”.
Third, girls who have premarital sex are less happy in their married life. The more sex you have before marriage, the less happy you are after marriage.
Girls who have premarital sex have a higher divorce rate. It is a natural consequence that unhappiness in marriage is one of the main reasons for divorce.
Girls who have had sex before marriage are prone to infidelity to their husbands after marriage. They are more likely to have sex outside of marriage, and they are twice as likely to have an affair than a wife who has no sexual experience before marriage. And the husband’s “psychological imbalance” caused by the affair is more difficult to predict.
Having sex before marriage may cause a young girl to marry an unsuitable person. “Sex is enough to blind you”, some teenage girl may believe that she has found true love, in fact, the force that unites her and her boyfriend is sex rather than love.
Girls who have premarital sex are often dissatisfied with their sexual life after marriage. Marriage for women without sexual experience, married sex life appears to be more happy. One reason is that a wife who has premarital sex often misses her previous sexual experiences. The memory flattered the past, and she always felt that today’s husband was not as good as her old lover.
8, premarital sex if the woman unexpectedly pregnant, often cause tragedy, here no more to say.


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