Aries men courting girls _ You are my own, you should follow me well. _ This affectionate willing approach is the self-centered Aries.

Taurus Man woos girl _ I think this thing suits you very well and would like to buy it for you. _ This is the Taurus who values material things and money, but won’t be so generous when he hasn’t got you yet.

Aquarius Man woos Girl _ English is I love you, but what do you say in French? _ Aquarius courtship is like practicing language.

Pisces man woos girl _ I, I would love to go to tea and chat with you… _ Pisces confession, often with a point of pettishness.

Gemini Men Woo Girls _ To me, there is no other girl in the world like you. _ To want to pursue the object of high praise, this is the playboy Gemini boy.

Cancer man woos girl _ Carefully say: _ Your mother must be a great beauty, you and her look alike. _ This is Oedipal Cancer.

Leo Men Woo Girls _ Since you love me, I will make you the happiest person in the world. _ This is self-centered Leo.

Virgo men woo girls _ When you want to sit down, you will immediately pull out a handkerchief to cover you. This is the attentive Virgo.

Libra men woo girls _ On your birthday, send you flowers and compliment you on how well you dress. It’s a Libra who courts with this square.

Scorpio men woo girls _ On Valentine’s Day, they suddenly send roses and chocolates to their beloved and leave when she is stunned. This is the mysterious Scorpio with ice on the outside and fire on the inside.

Sagittarius man woos girl _ I like you, shall we play net ball together? _ Straight forward, do not beat around the bush to show you love is Sagittarius people.

Capricorn man woos girl _ This… Me to _Keep your head down and mumble a few words, then give the love letter to the other person and immediately run. This is not generous Capricorn.


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