She is a college graduate, because the boss of a special care, she actually willingly willing to start his lover. Why is it that a twenty-three-year-old girl can’t leave a fifty-year-old man?

Just finished dealing with a big case, these days a little easier, although there are a few interviews, but not so difficult, some people are just curious about me and my work, want to find some reason to meet me, I am confident that I look like myself, will not let them too disappointed.
Do not go out to interview in the studio to answer the phone, one after another, these two days innocent is to answer a lot of calls.
First a sports star, now retired, his name I do not want to say, but he is a recognized beautiful man, so he always received some harassing calls, if the harassment of the opposite sex may also be tolerated, the problem is that most of the calls he received are from men, looking for him really too many people, and are some celebrities, he really annoyed, “… I do not want to pay attention to them, you said that if I expose these ugly things to them, one by one are singers and stars, and let the media reporters know, you said that they still how to mix? … I don’t want to look so beautiful, but the appearance is given by my parents, I can’t help it, they pestered me all day, almost drove me crazy, bored to death, yesterday, yesterday one day a person gave me six phone calls, I can’t do anything now, simply can’t stay in the house, a phone is this thing, for a long time, I really wish I grew ugly, Does it bother you? What should I do, Mr. Shi? …”
Later was a phone call from a little boy, only 21 years old, his girlfriend is one year younger than her, but both parents have agreed to get engaged, his distress is that his girlfriend does not have sex with him, he doubts that his girlfriend does not love him? Let me explain.
The other is a middle-aged woman, living to middle age, suddenly found that she did not know her husband, more than ten years of marriage, she is completely lying with a stranger, so she is very caring and considerate of her and her round of old leaders grateful, and now can not control themselves, always secretly run to the office and date him on weekends, but she is afraid of being discovered by her husband. Ask me what to do?
Then there was a story about a small nanny stealing things, “The little nanny in our home, always stealing things, once I was anxious, pulling her to go to the police station, she was so scared that she cried and begged me, saying that she dared not anymore, I also felt poor for her, a teenage girl, when she first came here, she ate three steamed buns for a meal, and later, after a long time, the stomach was full of oil and water, she ate less.” One day I was walking down the street, and I saw her coming, wearing my T-shirt, and the perfume on my body smelled of green poison, and I thought, finished, my bottle of perfume must not be able to keep, and I bought it without much use, but she was cheaper…”
My phone is strange…

The one who took me the longest was a young girl named Xiaoyu, who had just graduated from college. Her first words were: “Your phone is so hard to call. It hurts my hand to dial.” In fact, the general user will be more polite to me, ask me if I have time, can I talk about it, call me to give an idea, but the girl has a personality, I said to her that you are lucky, when the phone is more, some people do not sleep a night can not dial once.
However, what I can’t imagine is that this girl is so unusual, seemingly delicate and polite, she turned out to be a genuine “emerging human”.
In her narration with me, she has been very hard, not for what she did emotional to regret, do not feel wrong, you can hear, her personality is very strong, strong to the point that even people like me can not stand, but I still have to listen to her carefully, because this is my job.
I am such a person, not strange, a woman’s capital is their own, this year, you look at the street book stall, how many books are not topless women? A woman is the capital, and the capital of a beautiful woman is even more valuable, a three-legged toad cannot be found, and a two-legged woman without a model is not satisfied with the street! Don’t you think so? Mr. Stone.
I don’t know where you are. But she was confident and did not shy away from telling her personal story. She said that she was now the lover of an old man more than twice her age, and that the old man held her in his arms while he could not get rid of his wife, so she had caused some very unpleasant things. As time went on, she began to feel unusually troubled.
Besides, you listen to your wife, so why don’t you listen? Who has to marry you, right? Don’t you want to think: I started falling in love when I was 17 years old, and I was a yellow girl with you? Why are you nervous that I’m not crying and yelling at you about responsibility? I am willing to be your lover, will you not? ! You have a family, a wife and kids, but does your wife treat you like I do? Do you love you? Is she as young and beautiful as I am? Still at every turn on three long and two short sighs: “There is no way, can not leave!” Who said you had to leave? Did I push you? … Huh? How old am I, you ask? Twenty-three! Oh, by the way, how old are you? Owwww! …
You ask me what I want from him? Let me tell you something: he is my leader. What about me? Did you go to college? He studies black metal. In fact, I think my personality is more suitable to be a diplomat, but I don’t have the life! What about me? Xi ‘an’s. My dad’s been flying all his life, and girls are the best at science. If I had not listened to him and listened to my mother, I would have become a singer and a movie star, really! I was at the top of the children’s palace when I was a kid. I was on TV a lot. Ahem! Why are we talking about this? Let’s talk about him!
You know what? I just got a call from his wife, asking me where he went. How would I know? I think she has nothing to do but eat and drink all day! I have always respected her at the beginning, feel very sorry for her, always when he came to me, urge him to go home early. But she is good, not how to where, the nose is not the nose, the face is not the face of the phone to me a scold! I was so angry that when he came back the next day, I didn’t ask him to go back all night! After he finished that, he looked like a coward, and called his wife with “continuous whispers” like a cat: “I was talking to others outside, and Cui and Lao Liang were there.” What about me? I called you from the bathroom. Really.”
Fuck, he thought he was doing it with me to the bathroom! Son of a bitch! I turned and grabbed the phone: “He’s sleeping with me right here!” Don’t bother me! It’s not over yet!” “Gong Ji” I will hang up the phone! … He is so green, he has tasted my power for the first time! When he turned to touch the cigarette, beads of sweat were coming down… Me to I cried.
He handed me a cigarette, and I smoked it somehow, cool: “You’re not fucking smoking pot for me, are you?” …” I didn’t look at him angrily. He had tears in his eyes. I wiped away my tears, coughed aloud, quickly put out the cigarette, and turned to ignore him. He muttered to himself, “I’m afraid my wife won’t get any sleep tonight.” Why don’t I give her a call? Huh? Baby!” “He said, rubbing my upper body. “Who’s your baby? Are you mistaken? ” When I opened his hand, he didn’t speak for a long time. For a long time, he slowly got up and walked in a circle on the ground: “I’d better go back?” He looked at me helplessly. I looked at him askance: dude, he’s already dressed and he’s got his phone in his hand. I turned my back: “You go…” It was very quiet. He somehow came to my bed again, pulled up my covers, and kissed my body from top to bottom. I’m numb, I’m sick; I’m down, I don’t know what to do.
He didn’t leave that night. To be precise, he couldn’t bear to leave. He kept kissing me all over, and then he took off his clothes… In the middle of his excitement, his cell phone rang again. I forbid him to answer it. He looked at his phone, then at me, absent-mindedly engaged. I think he is so ridiculous, or poor, really, this is probably the man, you say he is looking at which side? Take care of me, he thought, even worried, of his wife; Take care of her? I’m in that excitement again! In a flurry of mobile phone whine, he three to five to solve the fight, while in a panic, sweating, panting, grabbed the phone: “You don’t say anything.” I’ll tell you when I get back!” “Snap” put the phone cover on, and then a long sigh of air half dead on the bed.
“Do you regret it?” I asked him as I leaned over him and stroked his wet hair. “What do you love about me?” he said. ‘he asked with his eyes closed. “I don’t know.” “Then why do you ask?” His eyes were still closed. Yeah, why did I ask him? !
What? You ask me what I love about him, what I like about him? … Okay, well, let’s start with how he got me into bed. I was assigned to their unit out of college. He was my chief at the time. People say he is very good to his wife, I also think it is, every time the unit sends a box of apples, pears, he will personally carry home to comfort his wife. But once, the unit to have a family of shrimp, he all gave me, said: “You are a person in Beijing, so far away from home, parents can not take care of, you take it back to do it!” Don’t fry it, just boil some water and soak it, then put some salt in it.” I was embarrassed to say: “You keep it for aunt! Thank you, I don’t like shrimp!” He refused to say, “Why are you polite? What girl doesn’t love shrimp? Isn’t that nonsense?” Then he walked away without looking back. Looking at his back, I was not moved.
That night I really followed his “instructions” and cooked shrimp in the hallway. Suddenly, the pay phone in the hallway rang. The Spring Festival is coming, everyone is busy going out to ask friends, buy train tickets and so on, I am left alone in the single building, I never have a phone, even if my mother has something to find me, it is also to my office, but the phone rings endlessly. I grabbed it, and it was his steely voice ringing my ears! He asked me if the shrimp was ready. He told me to get some ginger and some vinegar, and if he didn’t have it, he said he’d bring me some from home. Because he is going to the gate to get the Evening paper, you can come and have a look. I was very panicked, told him: no, no, I have all! … But he did come, bringing a pot of braised meat and two bottles of wine.
That night it suddenly began to rain, and it never stopped raining. For the first time, I ate and drank alone with a man of the same age as a leader and father. I’m drunk. You don’t get drunk. He moved closer to me and took me in his arms. I cried. I started to miss home, my mom and dad. He was also drunk, so drunk that he began to talk nonsense: he said that his wife was not good to him at all, he didn’t like her at all, and he thought she was a Shanghainese, chattering… I was afraid and let go of my tight grip on him. He was crying… He broke the bottle! I was more afraid, afraid of what I don’t know… Here he comes again, his eyes red… The light was finally turned off… I only heard him gasping in my ear and saying, “It’s okay, Xiao Yu, I won’t hurt you, I just want to hug you, kiss you, hurt you, like you, I won’t do anything else, you don’t have to be afraid… You are a good girl, I like you very much, I began to look forward to you every day from the day your file arrived at this unit, want to be able to tell you this as soon as possible! You know what? There is a charming, pitiful melancholy beauty in your eyes, and you were born to love someone older than you, and that person is no one else, that person should be me. I’ve been waiting 20 years for these eyes! You trust me, I will give you true happiness. You know, I still carry some weight in this unit! If a girl wants to get along in such organs and units, it is impossible for you not to join the Party or be promoted. I have taken these things into account for you, and I will secretly and even openly help you to realize your dreams step by step! Lie down, baby, and I’ll make you happy, really happy!” As he spoke he carried me to the bed…
After that, he called me every day after work.
His wife works in the reference room of our hospital. She is not very busy, but she is still there all the time. During the day, as long as his wife goes to work, he calls me at home, and a lot of bananas, apples and persimmons are washed and waiting for me. As soon as I entered the door, the indoor light became particularly soft, the temperature of the bathroom was also specially adjusted for me, not to mention the atmosphere of the bedroom! When I arrived at his house, I was a happy princess, and he took me in his lap and fed me bananas and grapes; One mouthful on the left and one mouthful on the right! We lived happily in secret for a year.
During this period, he really gave me a boom: bureau advanced individuals, ministry organs model members, the last six months of time I entered the party! Later, he was afraid that my relationship with him would be obvious to others, so he transferred me to nine, but still worked in a compound. As a result, the number of times I went to his house was relatively small, but he was able to spend most of the day with me every week. In more than a year, we have never had any problems, and his wife and I have been calm and friendly on the surface. Because the first time he met her at his house, he laid the floor for her and told her, “Her name is Xiaoyu, a new girl in our place, and she is a relative of Dean Du’s family.” Her family is in Xi ‘an, the dean told us to take care of some…”
One day, when I was elated, his wife suddenly called me: “Xiao Yu? Come over sometime and I’ll show you something!” “Aunt Dong, what is it?” I asked her in surprise as she spoke in a kind, crisp voice. Call her “Aunt Dong,” which her husband taught me. She said mysteriously: “Don’t tell you, wait until you come to see!” Do you have time now?” I thought that perhaps her husband had played a trick on her which she did not know, and probably asked her to bring me some kind of gift. He has a precedent. I happily promised her, “I’m OK today, not too busy.” All right, I’ll be right there!”
Her office is not very big, but it is kept as clean and tidy as her home. I opened the glass door, she looked at me quietly and smiled: “So soon you come here?” Come, sit down!” It was a hot day. She took a glass of lemon juice from the refrigerator, handed it to me, looked me in the eye and said, “How old are you?” “Why, do you want to introduce me to someone else?” I looked at her happily. She smiled unnaturally and looked me in the eye. “You really don’t have any friends?” It’s like it’s bitter inside. I felt that there was something wrong with her expression, so I said to her tentatively: “No! Can’t you find it for me?” She got up, walked over to the filing cabinet, pulled out a folder, and sat down slowly across from me, looking me straight in the eye. “Tell me, what kind of people do you like?”
I was probably guilty of my own guilt, looking at her this kind of gaze but a little nervous, it is at this time, I for the first time so close to her for a long time: she is a standard Shanghai, the skin is a little straight out


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